What I Want

Revised over the years, but pretty much the same as when I started out here….

  • To retain my current job long enough until I can develop the skills and experience to seek a better job, or, God help me, a career. (In other words, don’t get fired! ^^;)
    • (My fields of interest: Systems Administration, Web Design, Graphics, PC Repair)
  • To be a friend to all who will accept me.
  • To eventually get the hell out of Modesto. (Hey, if my sis did, anything’s possible! ^_^;)
  • To devote myself to being one of the nicer anime fans, maybe not so nerdy… who knows…?
  • To become more active in anime fandom, and give something back to it (It’s already happening!)
  • To never, ever, settle for less than I can be, or let others’ views of me shape who I am… (And you know who you are…)
  • To make my parents proud of me…
  • To never forget all of my friends and family, and other folks who have helped me get to where I am today, and where I will go…
  • To hopefully find a soulmate…
    • (I’ve stopped looking for now… I will again… someday…)
  • To know when to keep my cool, when stand up for myself, and to have the wisdom to know the difference…
  • To never lose faith in myself, even when it seems the odds are against me… “Toppu o nerae!” (Aim For The Top!)