What I Like

My favorite stuff:

Anime, of course… (Top favorites, the “classics” – Macross, Urusei Yatsura, Cowboy Bebop, Bubblegum Crisis, way too many to list) – I keep up with the Black Jack TV series, as well as having the OAVs and the movies.
(Let’s face it – Black Jack should be a favorite on its own – I love the manga, the anime, I cosplay as Black Jack)
Japanese food, particularly sushi and sashimi, always brings a smile to my face ^_^;
Music, particularly 1970s and 1980s music, some 1990s music, Pop, New Wave, Alternative, Hard Rock, Metal, just about anything that isn’t country. I really like Todd Rundgren, even his latest albums. (I treasure Something/Anything? and A Wizard, A True Star)
Beverages -

  • Usually any diet cola if I can swing it, either Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi, sometimes the Diet Pepsi Twister variants (anyone remember Pepsi Light?)
  • Root beer (Usually A&W)
  • Rockstar energy drink (Thanks for showing me the way, Aoshi)
  • Icee frozen drinks (especially Men In Black II Blackberry!)
  • Alcoholic ones: Most beers, preferably Guinness or Yebisu, the occasional Gin and Tonic. I’ve started liking vanilla vodka and tonic. (I’m quite open to outside influences) – R3′s official spirit of choice: Maker’s Mark whisky
  • Good old H2O when nothing else appeals… Too bad Modesto’s tap water still sucks.

Sweets – usually any chocolate, SweetTarts (in just about every variation, haven’t tried those SweetTart gummies yet), amything with malic acid, Pocky (again, just about most flavors that still get exported here to the US) – Desserts can be included in here too. I like cheesecake, I’ve been known to make them on occasion. (Did a really good peanut butter cup cheesecake that took top prize at a cook-off contest at my work.)
Books – I like some mysteries, sci-fi stories, crime stories, good adventures, manga when I can find any translated that I’m into. I’m seriously into the works of Osamu Tezuka, primarily Black Jack.
Sleeping in late, when I can – I’ve evolved into a 9-to-5 routine during the week.
Karaoke – I’ve rediscovered it, and fallen hard for it. I know a place in Cupertino, CA that I go to EVERY SINGLE WEEK.
Making new friends (it’s harder than it looks, I may come off as looking somewhat aloof to those who don’t know me that well, at least that’s the impression that I get, plus, it takes me a while to work up to being social, but sometimes it’s hard to shut me up.)
Sports – I’d have to say auto racing and golf are about the only two I can tolerate. I suck at golf, but I keep trying. As for driving fast… well… heh heh heh… there have been stories. ^_^;

And… Stuff that just plain sucks:

The terrorists, and those that support them – Fuck Al Queda, Fuck Bin Laden, I’m not going to let some assholes from thousands of miles away dictate how Americans should live their lives.
Our government being stupid. We survived the George W. Bush regime, but I wonder if we’ll see that Change I’ve been hearing about? (I did vote for Barack Obama)
When it’s really busy at work. It happens from time to time, but fortunately, the ridiculous busy times we’ve had from 2004 to mid-2008 are way behind us.
Rude people, people who can hear but refuse to listen… Is there a difference? It’s hard to tell sometimes.
Cliques and related behavior. I mean, geez, most of us are years out of high school now…
People who have nothing better to do than to raise hell, whether it be on the net or otherwise.
The fact that a lot of cool things I remember are no longer in existence anymore. The passage of time is a blessing and a curse…