Yes, You’ve Found It! Give Yourself A Heartfelt Congratulations, It’s…

… the often ignored and overlooked, yet still running strong since 1996 – The one, the only, the official Raider3 Home Page, now relocated and updated for the 21st Century, at its shiny new home on the servers. still works, it just brings you here to join up with the overall big picture I like to call the Raider3 Singularity. Stick around, you may like what you see.

You’ve found it, I’ll spiff it up later today. I’m getting outside, going places, and doing things.

Check back often, as a lot of old content is coming back, and being updated. This is just a small section of Network R3, and is appropriate, since I’m the one who started all this.

This Isn’t The You Were Looking For?

It looks different, doesn’t it? now takes you to this “new and improved” personal web site, now fortified with actual content management software (WordPress!), whole grain goodness, and 8 essential vitamins and minerals.

All kidding aside, everything that was at the old servers is being moved over here, updated, and hopefully finished up. I’ve got more space on here, and it’ll save me a few bucks in the meantime running one big server instead of an older smaller server in addition to here.

It’s May, which means FanimeCon in San Jose, CA is coming up at the end of month, so things are going to start waking up and getting active on here in the next couple weeks, culminating with “live” coverage from FanimeCon, and hopefully continuing beyond. This isn’t just my personal project, and a portal to stuff I like (and which I think you may like), but it’s also my demo reel for web administration.

Update: About Raider3 Section Done

All categories ported from, updated for 2009, and in the can, baked and set. Cross one entry off my never-ending “to do” list…


Blog Spotlight (Off-site) “Sincerely, John Hughes”

Six days prior to today, I was walking down Virginia Street in Reno, checking my Facebook over my cell phone, when I heard the news of John Hughes (“The Breakfast Club,” “Sixteen Candles”, and so on…) passing away. All I could think of was… Damn, there goes my teenage years. Bitterly ironic, since I was one day away from my 40th birthday.

Just a while earlier tonight, I received this link from the Stickam chat room I frequent – It’s a rather heartfelt blog post by Allison Byrne Fields, detailing her pen pal correspondence with Mr. Hughes.

From the We’ll Know When We Get There blog: “Sincerely, John Hughes”

We miss you, John – More than you know. Thanks for giving us something we could relate to, and thanks for staying true to yourself.

Michael A. Fontes

Nope, Not Dead, Just Turned 40….

Come on, you know me by now. Development on this site (And the entire Network R3 structure) happens in spurts.

For the record, I’ve had my mid-life crisis in effect for at least a year or two prior to my recent milestone birthday.

There’s no set roadmap for me from this point forth. I may very well stop keeping track of my age. Where I go from here all depends on me, but mark my words, change will come. How and when will become evident eventually.

Con Season 2009 – Live From Fanime in San Jose!

I’m currently at FanimeCon 2009 in downtown San Jose, CA – Coverage is being hosted on Network R3 on Red Skies @ Night, minor updates on the Network R3 main portal page, and photos currently being trickled out on my Flickr photostream.

If you have friended me on LiveJournal, Facebook, and/or Twitter, I’ll be sending out updates through those networks as well. This year marks a full digital and mobile convergence, since I’m either working off my laptop Windows XP computer, or sending out photos and dispatches from my 3G-network capable cell phone.

Stay tuned for the latest from a semi laid-back elder fan point of view…


(Inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion TV Episodes 25 and 26 – This was written back on February 16, 1999 – Wow, that was nearly ten years ago!)
Original Title: “I… (The Beast That Shouted ‘I’ At The Heart Of The World”)

(Yes, I’m quite aware that the proper title of Evangelion TV Episode 26 isĀ  “Sekai no chuushin de ‘ai’ wo sakenda kemono (The Beast that Shouted Love at the Heart of the World)” – At the time I saw the title, all I had was ADV’s VHS sub copy of Evangelion – So, that’s how this ended up – I did mention I was strongly influenced by the last episodes of Evangelion, right?)

Click to continue reading “I…”