Who I Am

Apparently, you’re either bored, can’t sleep, or just burned out from fragging or warezing or whatever it is that you do, and you ended up here, of all places. Poor, poor you… Don’t say I didn’t warn you. ^_^;

Who am I? I am… Raider3

My Facts…

Real Name: Michael (Always Michael, never Mike)
Date of Birth: August 7th (Younger than the Big Mac, older than Unix, older than most people I hang out with.)
Blood Type: AB
Height: 5’9″
Weight: Heavier than you, most likely
Hair Color: Dark brown, slowly going gray… Occasionally cut, but usually either too short or too long to do anything with, but not as long as it used to be.
Eye Color: Brown, maybe a little hazel depending on circumstances.
Ethnic Origin: White (Western European extraction – 1/2 Italian, 1/4 Portuguese, 1/8 English, 1/8 Irish)
Personality: Varies between INTP and INTJ, depending on when you catch me…
Hometown: The Mythical Kingdom of Modesto, CA
My IRC Nick: Raider3 or Raider3_
My IRC Home: #anime! (EFnet, irc.anime.net – Back when I used to IRC)
My Video Game Initials: LUM
Boxers or Briefs: I’m big enough to be Fat Bastard’s little brother, you’re asking the wrong guy, move along!
P.T. Anderson or Quentin Tarantino: Another trick question – What happened to Kevin Smith and Richard Linklater?
Neil Diamond or Barry Manilow: “I’d have to go with Manilow, he is music, and He Writes The Songs… ^_^;”
Paper or Plastic: Thank you, drive through!
My Significant Other: “404 – Resource Not Found”
Marital Status: “You’re joking, right?”
The Official ISP of Raider3: AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet (I am one of the holders of the coveted sbcglobal.net email address for now.)
I’m also a holder of a permanent account with LiveJournal, I’m proud of that, so my life must really be pointless. ^_^;

Random Quotes From Others…

“…this guy would be pretty cool if he’d just shut the hell up about his angsty life… the guy needs a diary, just NOT on the web….” — some guy who goes by the name of Jim Flavis (And how ironic that I ended up getting a LiveJournal, but then, so did Mr. Flavis. ^_^;)

“…r3 is angst galore!….” — someone who I’ve forgotten

“…He’s kinda weird, but I think he’s okay to goof on once in a while. I got to know him through J0ker somehow (I forget) and found him to be quite a disheveled guy at Anime Expo 96. I suggest he get a haircut, get a computer technician job (hey, it’s better than his last dopey USPS job), and hook up with — (Remainder of quote mysteriously lost from computer text file)” — Some guy who I’ve known for about 15 years, who works an awful lot, takes a lot of pictures, builds big-ass props, and calls himself Lionboogy (By the way, I am working on that computer technician job, and I believe it’s been barely 3 months since my last haircut, and I think I need another one.)

“…Decent fellow who hangs around the late night scene, always has something positive to say….” — Ethane (U.S. Marine, and webcomic artist)

“…on top of his angst, he likes JAPANESE ANIMATION…” – some yutz who runs losers.org. Ask me if I care, come on.. I dare you… I dare you to update your listing for me now. (That site seems to be more or less frozen in 2003 – Yeah, I dare you – UPDATE THE DAMN LISTING FOR ME – Make yourself feel big at my expense – “Dance to your heart’s content on that tiny world of yours — Our world is the whole of space!” – Captain Harlock)