Blog Spotlight (Off-site) “Sincerely, John Hughes”

Six days prior to today, I was walking down Virginia Street in Reno, checking my Facebook over my cell phone, when I heard the news of John Hughes (“The Breakfast Club,” “Sixteen Candles”, and so on…) passing away. All I could think of was… Damn, there goes my teenage years. Bitterly ironic, since I was one day away from my 40th birthday.

Just a while earlier tonight, I received this link from the Stickam chat room I frequent – It’s a rather heartfelt blog post by Allison Byrne Fields, detailing her pen pal correspondence with Mr. Hughes.

From the We’ll Know When We Get There blog: “Sincerely, John Hughes”

We miss you, John – More than you know. Thanks for giving us something we could relate to, and thanks for staying true to yourself.

Michael A. Fontes

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