This Isn’t The You Were Looking For?

It looks different, doesn’t it? now takes you to this “new and improved” personal web site, now fortified with actual content management software (WordPress!), whole grain goodness, and 8 essential vitamins and minerals.

All kidding aside, everything that was at the old servers is being moved over here, updated, and hopefully finished up. I’ve [...]

Update: About Raider3 Section Done

All categories ported from, updated for 2009, and in the can, baked and set. Cross one entry off my never-ending “to do” list…


Nope, Not Dead, Just Turned 40….

Come on, you know me by now. Development on this site (And the entire Network R3 structure) happens in spurts.

For the record, I’ve had my mid-life crisis in effect for at least a year or two prior to my recent milestone birthday.

There’s no set roadmap for me from this point forth. I may [...]

Con Season 2009 – Live From Fanime in San Jose!

I’m currently at FanimeCon 2009 in downtown San Jose, CA – Coverage is being hosted on Network R3 on Red Skies @ Night, minor updates on the Network R3 main portal page, and photos currently being trickled out on my Flickr photostream.

If you have friended me on LiveJournal, Facebook, and/or Twitter, I’ll be sending [...]