What I Do

Everyone needs some means of support, and I am no different. Gotta pay the bills some way. ^_^;

But, seriously, I’ve been through quite a few jobs in the last 24 or so years, starting out from fast food in the beginning (and staying in it way too long, but that’s another story.) with the hopes of achieving my “dream job” related in some way with computers… I’m getting there bit by bit.

Currently, I work for the same place I’ve been working at for over the last decade, surviving changes in management, staff cuts, even a worksite relocation. (Still on the edge of town, just a lot closer to the freeway that runs through town.) I’m officially a “customer service representative” – Essentially, just another automated-sounding voice on the telephone. I’m not a telemarketer, thank God. I hate telemarketers with a vengeance, so much that I rarely answer the phone at home during my waking hours. We’re not going anywhere anytime soon, knock on wood.

I do my job well, and am paid reasonably well for it, in fact, I’ve managed to upgrade/acquire new computer equipment, add on to my anime collection, plan more anime con trips and other vacations, pay for a massive upgrade to my internet presence over the last couple months, and, as always – paying off the bills I’ve racked up over the last few years.

It may not exactly be my dream job, but it’s keeping me a productive member of society, and I’ve met some local anime fan co-workers over the years.

The talents that serve me well in my job are my professionalism (Yes, I take my job seriously, inspite of my appearance and style!), constant drive for excellence, and, most of all…

Mad Keyboard Skillz!tm

In the meantime, I attend Modesto Junior College, pursuing a course of study in Computer Information Systems. I’m working towards my goals, one semester at a time. Stay tuned…