This Isn’t The You Were Looking For?

It looks different, doesn’t it? now takes you to this “new and improved” personal web site, now fortified with actual content management software (WordPress!), whole grain goodness, and 8 essential vitamins and minerals.

All kidding aside, everything that was at the old servers is being moved over here, updated, and hopefully finished up. I’ve got more space on here, and it’ll save me a few bucks in the meantime running one big server instead of an older smaller server in addition to here.

It’s May, which means FanimeCon in San Jose, CA is coming up at the end of month, so things are going to start waking up and getting active on here in the next couple weeks, culminating with “live” coverage from FanimeCon, and hopefully continuing beyond. This isn’t just my personal project, and a portal to stuff I like (and which I think you may like), but it’s also my demo reel for web administration.

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