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NetworkR3 is my official web administration “demo reel” for WordPress on my self-hosted web server. This is a catch-all site for a lot of stuff, most of it having to do with me and my interests.

(Thanks, as always, goes out to AMHosting of Reno, Nevada, and Torrance, California, for providing my web hosting needs since 2003!)

Content on here may be subject to change, but I mainly host blogs, and mini-sites on here, under various domains:

Some works in progress:
blackjack.networkr3.com – A seriously outdated site devoted to legendary “God of Manga” Osamu Tezuka’s other well-known character, the talented (and unlicensed) surgeon-for-hire, Kuroh Hazama, otherwise known as Black Jack

The Vision of Raider3 – The long-awaited personal web page resurrection project. (Parts of it date back to 1994, believe it or not!) Most of this has been deprecated as time went on, and I migrated to LiveJournal, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Something will happen here, but enjoy the return to the beginning! (I have archives that will be moved there eventually.)

NetworkR3 Photos – Another decaying site that hosted my old convention photos from 2003 and a few years beyond. (The beginning of my digital camera age. I’ll be surprised if there’s some scanned in photos in there somewhere.) – This site is being deprecated, in favor of my Flickr page. (Simple reason, I have one of the grandfathered Pro accounts, so I have storage beyond 1 TB, as opposed to a 200 TB max on this entire site.  Do the math!)

Pizza Parlor Show (With Michael M) – The site for my online radio program (Monday and Tuesday nights, 9 pm to 1 am Pacific/12 midnight to 4 am Eastern!) on Rainbow Mix Radio. Info for the show is here, and the site also serves as a mirror for the main Rainbow Mix Radio site if it goes down. You can also find help here if you’re having trouble tuning in to the broadcasts.

Raging Otaku Society (Archived site) – the site for an anime club based out of Modesto, CA (I took over the webmaster duties in early 2001, and kept it going for a few years beyond. The club may be disbanded, but the site lives on.) – Thanks to Amanda Chaffee for originating the site design.)

Toast And JAM! – A web site for someone very important in my life. Currently, it’s the one actual “finished” blog product here at NetworkR3. View it with an open mind. ^_^;

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