001 – The Real First Post


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If you’re seeing this, it means I’ve revamped the front page of NetworkR3.com. Welcome, once again, after what seems like an eternity of dormancy. (I finally got a clue, ditched Drupal, in favor of WordPress, which powers a handful of blog subdomains under this web server.)

Who am I? I’m “Raider3,” otherwise known as “Michael” to friends and family.

Where did Raider3 came from? The 30-second version: It was a username I used for my email address and IRC (Internet Relay Chat) when I hopped onto the internet in late 1994. (Yes, I’ve been online for over 20 years. I started out on Prodigy, went to ALL the major online services between Summer 1992 through mid 1995.) – It was a shortened version of “Red Raider Mark 3,” my third car. (A red 1989 Mitsubishi Precis [a.k.a. “captive import rebadged Hyundai Excel hatchback”]) – The nickname stuck through my anime fandom days through now.

Why NetworkR3? It’s my vision, a catch-all portal of interests which may be of use to some people out there. My philosophy is like Joel Hodgson’s when he started up Mystery Science Theater 3000 – “The right people will get this.”

Network R3 (Network Raider3 – get it? ^_^; ) is a portal site, encompassing multiple forms of media (sound, video, etc.), and it’s also my “demo reel” for web site administration. I’ve had this domain and paid web hosting service for over a decade, and I’ve got a lot of space and capability to do pretty much whatever I want.

In fact, there are a few other sections of this site, mostly WordPress-powered blogs, that I’ve created for friends and family, and interests. I’ll introduce some of them gradually as I work through this.

This initially grew out of a personal web page. (What we used to do before LiveJournal, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, etc.) It’s become larger and more wide-ranging since.

Welcome back, for the first time for a lot of you out there. For prospective employers out there, take note. I’ve been teaching myself, and I’m acquiring professional certifications, but this is more or less my web administrator playground.

More content will be here, whenever I can nail down a few minutes (or hours) in the days to come.

— Michael (Raider3)

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