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#63 – T-Dar… I’m Glad To Know I’m Not The Only One…

Another sign of affirmation that maybe I’m moving down a path I was meant to go… Go check out one of Stana’s most recent posts on Femulate.com.

“T-dar”, or “tranny radar” (or, as I call it. “tranny sense” — As in, “My tranny sense is tingling.” ^_^; ) seems to be somewhat rampant. I’m just glad I’m not the only one who has a rather pesky habit of attempting identifying other trans people when they’re presenting as their ideal selves. It’s a habit I desperately need to curb myself of. I certainly wouldn’t want someone giving me grief if they found me out. (And trust me, it’s not hard. I’m rough on myself, because I just am. I’m not that deluded. I know I have a figure more suited to Mrs. Doubtfire, rather than Anne Hathaway, or Anjelica Huston, for that matter. I would expect to get read near-instantaneously.) I would expect it from someone I knew from my boy-mode side, especially if they were able to place my face with my boy-mode self, despite whatever makeup and wig I put on.

I would truly dread being found out, so I wouldn’t want to do it to anyone, even if my suspicions were true. (Unlike Stana, I have never confronted any suspected trans “sisters”, and I never will.) ^_^;

Maybe I’ll have my moment in the sun over this weekend sometime. I am heading up to Sacramento, CA for River City Sparkle this coming Saturday. Perhaps pictures of me will surface outside of here and my own Flickr. (And of course, PINKEssence.)

Now, if you pardon me, I must finish packing. So much to do, so much to look forward to. It’s almost like I’m a 16-year old girl, looking forward to her first prom. (But then, where is my date? Just don’t assume it’s a he. ^_-; )

#25 – A Few More Steps (Or: A Few More Miles…)

Just a few words to say while I wait for my latest photos to upload to Flickr…

After dinner, and a few replies to Bree, a girl I know in Alabama, I was feeling a bit tired after watching “Mad Men” after dinner, so I decided to get some fresh air before it got too late.

At times over the last few months, I have gone out at night dressed up, and drove around the area in my car. It’s sort of progress, though your car is an extension of your home. (Hey, I’m not the only one who’s gone out driving en femme.) – This time, I decided to give myself a little challenge. I wanted to see if I could work the brake and gas pedals while wearing my 3″ heels. After a quick refresher tutorial on walking in heels, (Thanks, YouTube! ^_^; I’m making progress – The keys are to remember: heel-toe, heel-toe, start out slow, don’t keep the knees stiff, don’t make the thighs do the work, chest out and up, stomach in (Work those abs! It helps!) – I’m a bit more confident and less prone to stumbling, but I still need work, and of course, refinement of my walk.) it was out to the car, getting out of the garage, down the street, and off around the city.

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#11 – Dinner And A Movie? (Not As You Think!)

(And YET another new category up on the lower menu bar on the site. I write long posts, and sometimes I write short ones, like this one. Expect some reclassification, but definitely stuff longer than 140 characters – Otherwise, I wouldn’t have need for a Twitter account, would I? ^_-;)

And yes… I smile (^_^;) and I wink (^_-;) a lot, everywhere I go. Girls should smile as often as they can, right?

Anyway – I’m watching “Marie Antoinette” on Turner Classic Movies (Starring Norma Shearer) while I have a late night meal – WOW! One of the guys in there is sporting more makeup than I do on a good day. (Not to mention he’s got a better “Cupid’s Bow” lip line, and thinner eyebrows than I’ll ever have. This gives me an idea… Hmmm…. Surely nothing good can come of this, right? ^_-;) Ha ha ha ha ha ha…

(Copied, pasted, and expanded upon from my Facebook post not too long ago.)

#7 – Working My Way Through Building Out This Site…

A new day, a new entry, and a new category. ^_^; (So nice, yet so important, that I’ve made it a Sticky post for a while.)

Today: Struggling with internal and external conflicts, in regards to my online manifestation of myself.
(Bear with me, this is a draft-in-progress, and may be tweaked or edited in the final version. Don’t worry, the link will stay the same, I’m sure.)

This is more or less, as the title states, an exercise in becoming more familiar with my content management solution of choice (Yay, WordPress!), as well as being “comfortable in my clothes,” so to speak, at least in my online presentation of myself. Since actual days where I break out the makeup, wig, clothes and shoes are whenever I can arrange them (Sometimes on very short notice!),  I primarily express and further explore my femme side online, either via Flickr, Facebook, or here.

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