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#109 – OMG, Julie Can Draw! (OMG, Did She Draw Who I Thought She Drew?)

Happy Birthday, dj bridget!

An original sketch I did for the incredibly talented (but not quite as visible over the internet as she was about a decade earlier) dj bridget, for her birthday this past Thursday.

The toughest part, other than going for a realistic interpretation of one of her photos, was choosing which photo out of hundreds to base the sketch off of.

I stumbled across her Flickr (It’s gone now ;_; ) in June of 2009, and, that was the “tipping point” that made me realize I was lying to myself by continuing to deny an important part of myself… That I am transgender, and twenty-seven years of hiding was essentially only a partial existence, and essentially “living death” for me.

I’ve come out to a few, I’m getting out in public, either with other girls, close friends, or on my own, and I’ve made quite a bit of progress in about 18 months.

But, if things didn’t happen, or I didn’t get curious back in the summer of 2009, I’d probably still be in hiding.

Who knows what my life would be like if I came to my senses a decade earlier.

This is only a small way I know of of saying “thanks” to someone who played a small, yet significant part in my ongoing rebirth. ^_^

#76 – Holiday Present 2: A New Sketch Attempt…

Something I’ve been working on, and have had plans to do since late last month. Who is she? Is she me? Is she someone else I know? Is she whoever you want her to be? Who is she? Who am I? Am I myself? Are you who you are?

Don’t think too hard. Just take a look, and try not to stare too much. I won’t be held accountable for any damage to your screen. ^_^;

Sketch in Progress...

This image was done entirely on an Android-powered cell phone, running Android OS 2.1, and Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile (full version) – Amazing, is it not? ^_^;