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#82 – Pardon The Rubble…

Yes, the site looks different – The short story is this: I tried upgrading the theme I used, and it broke. It broke so bad that the entire site wouldn’t display at all until I switched to a backup theme. (I proceed to reinstall a previous version, still 1-2 steps up from what I was using, and basically had to re-tweak everything – sidebar widgets, color, placement of elements, etc.)

I’m happy with how it looks now – I hope it doesn’t seem too busy, or harsh on your eyes. Let me know what you think. (Oh! Apparently I got reCaptcha integration to work, finally. Google Friend Connect is off for now.)

Enjoy! Expect more outings and adventures coming up within the next few days!

#74 – ‘Tis The Season For Renovating The Blog Site…

Mostly under the hood updates. In this session:

  • Adding in Google Friend Connect. (Let me know if it’s working or broken – It took me about three hours to figure out how to get the widget to display. ^_^; )
  • Fixing the subdomain issue that was broken more or less since the beginning of the site in June 2010. Instead of displaying julieanne.networkr3.com, it would display networkr3.com/julieanne – Apparently, it’s due to how WordPress works. I can either set it to resolve as I wish it to, and just do all my admin from the dashboard log in, or set it back as a work around to edit in the actual site view. It’s a minor inconvenience, kind of like a food scrap in between my teeth.
  • Scrapping reCaptcha, since it’s broken with the theme I’m using. At least there’s Akismet, and I resume my duties as human spam screener. All comment spam gets sent to /dev/null, as always.
  • Sexy Bookmarks broke slightly with the latest update to it. I’ve switched to the beta style for it. I’ll switch back if I can, or if it breaks again. I’m sure I’m not the only one being surprised. ^_^;
  • Catching up with photo updates, and events since October, as well as anything else on my mind, like the holidays, and figuring out where I’m headed in 2011 and beyond.

I’m expecting a few days of quiet and sanity between now and New Years’, so I’ll pick up where I left off. New events commence after the 1st – Let’s see what Year Two brings! Stay Tuned!

(P.S.: Yeah, I moved the PINKessence badge – Now it shows up at the top of every center column. Be warned, if you’re running on a screen with a resolution of less than 1024 pixels across, the layout will break somewhat. ^_^; The compromises we make for the sake of building out the site… This is part of what I’ve done for about the past 15 years…. 15 years, starting out from crafting all the HTML by hand. Wow… That IS a long time, isn’t it? Don’t hassle me about my age, ok?)

#50 – Link Added, And Spam Blocking…

I’ve added Gabriella Hermosa’s excellent blog, My CD Life, to the sidebar and Links page here. She’s been at this longer than I have, of course, and it’s always nice to have several role models. From what I’ve read at her page, she’s come to terms with who she is, and she’s “exploring the social taboos of being oneself.” She’s attended high school reunions en femme, and she hasn’t been afraid to file complaints when representatives at a mall kiosk for a major wireless company made some very disparaging remarks about her.

But, most importantly, she’s struggled, suffered shame, and dealt with self-hatred, but she’s come through it all, and accepts who she is, chronicling her experiences, adding a bit of humor, and offering advice to those who are dealing with similar issues, or significant others of crossdressers. Check her site out if you have the chance!

You may notice number in the lower left sidebar, tallying up the number of spam comments trapped. My thanks goes out to Akismet, another fine product by the minds that brought you WordPress. ^_^; To date, I’ve logged 84, and I’ve had one legitimate comment so far. (Thank you, Charlotte/karmatic1110 ^_^;) – In time, as soon as word spread, or people notice my little plinking around here, I’m sure the signal-to-noise ratio will greatly improve, but for now, what gets trapped gets checked by “human” spam filtering, and let me tell you, some of these spammers play mind games, some leave comments seemingly relevant, and some outright insult you for deleting comments, while others point out “issues” your site may have with browsers, images, etc, all in the guise of seeming “legitimate.”

I’ve been a long time spam battler, and I’ve learned my lessons after a decade and a half online. The individual who runs my server shares my feelings on why spam is bad. We’re a good team, working together to keep this site uncluttered – In fact, we work so well together, it’s almost like we’re one and the same person. ^_-;

Thanks for reading, and as always – Hugs and kisses! ^_^
— Julie Anne

#40 – Some More Behind-The-Scenes Tweaks…

I’ve adjusted the page to display a little better on mobile phone browsers, such as not-so-smart-phones like mine (Which I’ll be upgrading in about two and a half weeks from now!), and hopefully for a more streamlined interface on Android, Blackberry and iPhones screens.

Drop me a comment if anything is still broken, ok?

Hugs and kisses,
— Julie Anne

#2 – To Do List (As of the wee hours of June 24, 2010)

  • Secure a domain name to point here, and park it on the Network R3 server…
  • Start putting up actual content, divided by categories
  • Put up links to my points of presence on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, ???
  • Put up links of interest to me and others (Fast tracking links to Michelle Phan’s YouTube makeup tutorials – Yes, even TG folks can stand to pick up some pointers… ^_^; )

Too tired, staying up way too late to accomplish my hopes, my dreams, my nice shiny new home here…