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#100 (What’s So Special About It, Anyway?)

… Actually, a lot, in fact, so much, that instead of making one big, long post that will probably take me about an hour or more to put together, I’m going to go with a series of little posts, updating and bring people up to speed on what my world’s been like since the end of June, 2011 through now.

Yes, this is blog post #100 – 100 is a special anniversary (and usually something ground-shaking, as in episode #100 of Criminal Minds)

The bad news is, I’m still out of work, and my COBRA benefits have been yanked out from under me three months early, thanks to my previous employer shutting down operations completely.

The good news is, I’m continuing to take small (though somewhat imperceptible) steps to get my life reorganized, and of course, express myself, even if only being a part-time girl, but I am getting out there, at home, at restaurants, the gas station, the mall, the grocery store, wherever I can, blending in, and just being a woman like any other, out in the world.

Stay tuned – I will fill you in, but I wanted to break this “writers’ block,” and just say what I need to say, before things backlog any further than they’ve become.

Yes, I’m alive, I’m somewhat happier than I’ve been in previous months, and I have a general idea of what I need to do — I just need to get out there and to it.
It’s all about staying alive, healthy, active, and focused.

(Oh, I have tales to tell about where I’ve been, and photos to post – Some of them have been posted on Flickr and Facebook, and elsewhere!)

Stay tuned, darlings! ^_^;

#48 – In The Company Of Other Tall Girls (Part 3 – 5’9″)

As always, this was inspired by comparing myself to the more or less up-to-date listing by Stana at Femulate.org. (If the day came where I was featured under “The Femulated” section, I’d honestly freak out… ^_^;) I’ve got quite a ways to go in developing my femulation skills.

When Last We Left Our Story… Your humble heroine, Julie Anne, was crying genuine tears of joy that her pet cat was able to come home from the vet, though her little kitty’s going to need to be given some pills and liquid medications a couple times a day, she’s going to get an overabundance of affection, pets, hugs, and general Tender Loving Care. It’s a good thing cats can’t talk “human”, otherwise she’d out me to my mother before I chance to talk to Mom myself. ^_^;

Nonetheless, I speak “cat,” and I’m still 5 foot 9, last I checked, though I could stand to lose some weight (preferably without thyroid issues – I went through enough concerns in my pre-teen years.) – Anyway, you’re not here for my ills, or my cat’s ills, are you? You’re here to see how I measure up (bad pun, I know. ^_-;) to famous ladies of my exact height. Find out more after the jump, brought to you by: Cats – Every home should have one! Besides someone’s can haz cheezburger any time nao pls? ^_^;

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#47 – In The Company Of Other Tall Girls (Part 2 – 5’8″)

… In which I forgot other famous women who are close to my height. (5’9″, or 1.7526 meters – Thanks, Google! ^_^;)

I’ve noted some more names from Stana’s page over at Femulate.org. Here are the rest of the Class of 5 foot 8 inches, after the jump!

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#44 – In The Company Of Other Tall Girls (Part 1 – 5’8″)

There’s not too many secrets here – I’m 5 foot 9 inches tall, or as they say, “Supermodel height” – I just would feel better if I were at least 100 pounds thinner than I am now. (Yes, I am a big girl – You did see my photos, right? Right? No? Then go to my Flickr, run along, I’ll still be here! ^_^;)

Anyway, stashed away on the sidebar links at Femulate.org, (Stana’s site, where she’s a lot more experienced in the art of “Femulation” than I am – Go check out her latest makeup tips! I certainly will! ^_^;) she’s put together a list of famous women, past and present, who are well beyond the “average” height range for most women.

The ones I’ve noted and compared myself to? Join me after the jump!

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