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#52 – And You Thought I Forgot? (More Photos!)

Not that I forgot or anything, but they’re a bit more low-key and causal this time around. I’m showing off my new “workout” outfit, and relaxing on the deck in my backyard. (Though, I like my schoolgirl outfit – I think I’ve found this year’s Halloween “costume.” ^_^;)

Out on the New Deck (1) Out on the New Deck (2) Out on the New Deck (2)
Backyard Lawn and Lemons On The Way Seeking Inner Calm on the Lawn... Cooling Off in the Shade...

More ideas being explored today, and of course, a return to writing what’s on my mind soon! The experiment continues!

#46 – Prelude To An Experiment…

At this moment, I’m sitting at my computer, sporting cute burgundy-painted toenails (I really need a decent pedicure! ^_^;), and wearing some rather comfy pink pajamas, jumping between putting this entry up, and trying out a game.

This is the beginning of about seven days of where I’m going to see how many of my waking hours (And sleeping hours) I can spend as myself, in full-on Julie Anne persona. I am intending to spend as much of my time as Julie Anne, only going back to boy-mode when absolutely necessary.

I’ll chronicle my progress, and hopefully get some pictures up throughout the week. I have the entire house to myself, and I’m going to see how I feel. I’m going to relax, and let the woman within me come forth and take charge for a while.

Stay tuned! (And of course, hugs and kisses! ^_-;)
— Julie Anne