Links I Like…

Makeup Tips:
Michelle Phan on YouTube (She knows her stuff, and even TG folks can benefit from her tutorials!)
Michelle Phan on Twitter

NYC – New York Color
Rimmel London
Sally Hansen
Urban Decay
Sephora(aaaaaaah) ^_^;
Ulta Beauty

Webcomics – TG-related:
Between The Lines – By Mekari
Closetspace – By Jenn Dolari
Lean On Me – By Jade Gordon
Venus Envy – By Erin Lindsey

Webcomics – Other:
To Be Announced…

Shopping: (Not too much here for now, keep checking! ^_^;)
Pierre Silber – Sexy Lingerie, High Heels, Costumes, and more!
Payless Shoe Source

Daily Shoes

(Please Note: I tend to promote businesses and services I actually use. I guess I’m kind of like Paul Harvey in that aspect. “And now you know the REST of the story!” ^_-;)

Internet And Computer Stuff: (Because Julie Anne is a geek girl! ^_^; ) (My web host provider – Great service, great reliability, good prices, affordable domain names – Seven years and counting, and still satisfied!)
Open Source Initiative – Because it just makes sense, in fact, I use a lot of Open Source software – Photoshop-quality image-editing without the Photoshop price! (I’m a Photoshop convert, that’s all I’m saying. ^_-; )

Links About Me…

My Flickr – Where I started out, and where I still am…
My LiveJournal – “The Julie Anne Project” (get it? ^_^; )
My Facebook – Not everyone knows my secret there… Or do they? ^_-;
My Twitter – When I’m in a hurry and don’t feel like writing a mini-novel ^_^;
My Tumblr – More or less a mini-blog

Other Folks Out There…

Femulate – Stana’s blog and website – “Femulate” being a male who “emulates” a female, sort of like me. You can learn quite a bit from her site. ^_^;
Call Me Meg – She started out blogging about flying for business trips en femme, but it’s going on from there.
Voyages en Rose – Petra Bellajambes’ cross-dressing diary. She’s back from her “Drabbatical,” by the way! ^_-;
My CD Life – Gabriella Hermosa’s site – A lot more polished, focused blog, and she’s more courageous than I – It’s nice to have role models. ^_^;

Support – Online and Offline…

River City Gems – A resource for crossdressing and transgender support in Sacramento and Northern California – “Celebrating Feminine Expression”
PINKEssence – A worldwide transgender social network, founded by Chloe Prince – “We are One”

Friends Online…

Remote Transitions – My friend Kara’s blog.
Life Into Zoe – My friend Zoe’s blog.
Kelli’s Cafe – My friend Kelli’s blog.

More to come! Keep watching this space!

Just Your Average Tour-De-Force Renaissance Geek Girl ^_-;