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#58 – Sick, But Satisfied…

I picked up a cold over the middle of last week. Funny how that happened, especially since I spent most of the past week, and the week before that, in the house, save for a few times out, like last weekend, and yesterday, and one day about a week and a half ago, but I apparently got lucky. You go, girl! 😛

So, I’m sniffling and sneezing, and I’m hoping to beat this, because I’ve got a few things coming up – Primarily, I’ve made the decision to attend my first public event where I’ll meet other folks like myself. I’ve bought a ticket, and booked a hotel room to spend an overnight stay up in Sacramento for River City Sparkle this year, put on by the River City Gems, a relatively new (three years running) transgender support group in the area. (About an hour and half from my hometown.) They have members  from around the area, including the Central Valley (where I’m at), the Bay Area, the Sierra Nevada region, and neighboring states. (In fact, one of my new friends on PINKEssence, encouraged me to attend the event.)

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#49 – Change Is The Only Constant (Further Observations)

For the record, I stated that I am a “part time” girl, meaning that I have not been through any counseling or therapy, I am not on Hormone Replacement Therapy, Androgen blockers, what have you. I’m not even seeking SRS, or even living full-time as a woman. I’m nowhere near that point in my life, mentally, physically, financially, or even with a family and friend support system. If it ever happens, it’s years away from this point, should I choose to pursue that path. (And I know things will be more difficult compared to what my life is like at this moment.)

Still, I cannot deny that I am not quite the same person I was a year ago. I’ve noticed more and more in the last few weeks, I’m prone to fluctuations in my emotions. I’ve been trying to rid myself of occasional outbursts of anger (Which I’ve called “Rage of Angels”), but I’ve been finding myself getting more uptight and cranky lately. (I haven’t mapped it out to see if it follows a 28-day cycle.) I’ve been more prone to bursting out in tears if something really gets to me.

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#48 – In The Company Of Other Tall Girls (Part 3 – 5’9″)

As always, this was inspired by comparing myself to the more or less up-to-date listing by Stana at (If the day came where I was featured under “The Femulated” section, I’d honestly freak out… ^_^;) I’ve got quite a ways to go in developing my femulation skills.

When Last We Left Our Story… Your humble heroine, Julie Anne, was crying genuine tears of joy that her pet cat was able to come home from the vet, though her little kitty’s going to need to be given some pills and liquid medications a couple times a day, she’s going to get an overabundance of affection, pets, hugs, and general Tender Loving Care. It’s a good thing cats can’t talk “human”, otherwise she’d out me to my mother before I chance to talk to Mom myself. ^_^;

Nonetheless, I speak “cat,” and I’m still 5 foot 9, last I checked, though I could stand to lose some weight (preferably without thyroid issues – I went through enough concerns in my pre-teen years.) – Anyway, you’re not here for my ills, or my cat’s ills, are you? You’re here to see how I measure up (bad pun, I know. ^_-;) to famous ladies of my exact height. Find out more after the jump, brought to you by: Cats – Every home should have one! Besides someone’s can haz cheezburger any time nao pls? ^_^;

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#47 – In The Company Of Other Tall Girls (Part 2 – 5’8″)

… In which I forgot other famous women who are close to my height. (5’9″, or 1.7526 meters – Thanks, Google! ^_^;)

I’ve noted some more names from Stana’s page over at Here are the rest of the Class of 5 foot 8 inches, after the jump!

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#44 – In The Company Of Other Tall Girls (Part 1 – 5’8″)

There’s not too many secrets here – I’m 5 foot 9 inches tall, or as they say, “Supermodel height” – I just would feel better if I were at least 100 pounds thinner than I am now. (Yes, I am a big girl – You did see my photos, right? Right? No? Then go to my Flickr, run along, I’ll still be here! ^_^;)

Anyway, stashed away on the sidebar links at, (Stana’s site, where she’s a lot more experienced in the art of “Femulation” than I am – Go check out her latest makeup tips! I certainly will! ^_^;) she’s put together a list of famous women, past and present, who are well beyond the “average” height range for most women.

The ones I’ve noted and compared myself to? Join me after the jump!

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#42 – Picking Up Where I Left Off Last Fall: Working Out…

It’s a means to an end, and the only sure way, getting more active, along with better portion control/keeping track of what I eat, for me to get back into losing weight.

I was on track last summer, starting out with working out about 4-5 night a week, but as summer progressed into fall, and approached the end of the year, between work, returning to college, and a few friends trying to get me to go to events out of town, it cut into my schedule, and things fell to the wayside. It’s not the first time I’ve fallen “off the horse.” What matters the most is that I pick myself off the ground and get back on.

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#39 – A Momentary Lapse Of Reason…

I’m probably going to catch hell for this, but I have to get this off my chest. I’ve struggled with this for about the past 24 hours.

A friend of mine came up with a theory why I manifest as Julie Anne, citing that I was created as a means to give myself an identity independent from my male alter-ego, and therefore independent from my mother, and if I told her about this side of me, I would lose the desire to continue doing this.

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#36 – What’s In A Name? (“Classic” Julie Anne)

(Dear Readers: This is a public repost of an entry I posted to my LiveJournal, back around January 2010. Most of my TG-themed entries over there were set to a filtered group – No one was admitted to it, so posts like this one are being showing in public for the first time. I’ve come quite a long way over the past nine months, and the existence of this web site is a testament to that. I couldn’t have done it without seeing how others have paved the way for me, and of course, encouragement from friends on Flickr – You folks know who you are, and you know what I’m going to say — Everything I am today, I owe to each of you!)

So, roll that beautiful bean footage, I’m going to tell you how I came up with my name — Here we go! I’ll see you after the jump!

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#32 – Monday Afternoon – Girl’s Day In…

I’ve been spending the last couple hours fully dressed up, having some time to myself once again. Allow me to indulge this one adventure in a somewhat “undisclosed location.” ^_^;

I acquired a black jersey racerback maxi-dress over the weekend, and I’m wearing it today, complete with black pantyhose, black 3.5 inch high heels, and my favorite wig, makeup, and jewelry. I’m spending a few hours relaxing, watching afternoon TV (I had a few moments in tears while watching some afternoon talk shows. ^_^;) and generally feeling so relaxed and comfortable.

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