#116 – We Interrupt This Hiatus… Relocated in Phoenix!

Yes, for the last three months since the April 7 post, my world’s been tied up in getting a few more “bucket list” things out of the way, while preparing for a relocation to Phoenix, AZ, for the next few years. (Give or take)

I miss California, and all my friends there, and I hope to visit as often as I can, but perhaps, like my new “home” city’s namesake, I’ll have a chance to be reborn, and refocus on what I need to do.

However, I did get a few more things out of the way…

FanimeCon in San Jose during Memorial Day weekend,
Meeting Lilith from Chicago at the River City Gems social, and spending a weekend with her and Niya,
Attending Sacramento Pride this year,
Getting out to Crocodile’s in Modesto with a lady friend of mine,
Hanging out at the Tiki Lounge with Kelli,
Making a couple more appearances at comic/toy/collector shows in San Jose and Sacramento as myself,
And, a LOT more me time …

There is some sadness, as I had to say good-bye to my Smitty-kitty at the end of the month, as her health was failing. I’m grateful to have had her in my life for nearly 17 years, and I hope she’s doing well, and keeping watch on me from Heaven.

So, a new chapter in my life begins, and hopefully, a return to activity on here. For now, enjoy what I have up, here, on Facebook, Flickr, and elsewhere!

Stay tuned!

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