#95 – Picnic In The Park, And Some Brave New Steps…

Catching up with the last few months, because this is my forum, and I have every right to “spike the ball,” using my home field advantage, of course! ^_-;

Saturday, May 21st was another adventure, as well as another small step for me getting out and about among the mainstream world, for that day was the River City Gems picnic, the second event of the month, at a park along the Sacramento River, by one of Sacramento’s many suburbs.

For some of us, it was our first time out in the open, among other groups, families, friends, people holding graduation parties, even at least one outdoor wedding going on. For me, it was my first time out in the open, not meeting up with other girls at a hotel conference room, or a restaurant. I dressed weather appropriate, and brought along my DSLR camera, as well as a veggie tray and ranch dip, to contribute to a very abundant spread of food available for all — So much, in fact, that quite a few of us at the end of the day brought home leftovers!

About twenty of us were in attendance, including spouses, friends, and other allies of the crossdressing/transgender community that we are comprised of. We were in an area with lots of shade trees, which came in handy as the weather warmed up in the mid-afternoon. About four of us, including myself, took a trip down to the banks of the adjoining Sacramento River, to take a peek at the ducks, people paddling their rafts down the river, and generally have fun, not caring with other people thought of us. For the most part, other folks didn’t really pay us much attention. I know I didn’t have to put up with the constant fear of being “read.” ^_^;

There was music, games that most of us took part in, and plenty of conversation going on throughout the day well into the early evening, when there were a few of us left, packing up leftover hamburgers, hot dogs and buns, and whatever else we brought up with us.

Since it was around 7 pm when I finally left, I decided to take a leap of faith, and visit a nearby shopping mall. So, I made my way down towards Arden Boulevard and Cal Expo, to pay a visit to the Arden Fair Mall. I paid a visit to Macy’s, Lane Bryant, the MAC storefront, as well as JC Penney (Including the Sephora inside JCP), and Sears. If anyone was reading me as anything other than a middle-aged woman, I wasn’t picking up any vibes. Sales associates at Sephora and Lane Bryant offered assistance, and treated me like any other customer.

I still have quite a way to go before I’m comfortable in my own skin, and being accepted as a person on my own terms, but I’ll take every victory I achieve, in any case. If I had money budgeted for shopping, you can bet I’d be taking some purchases back out to my car by the time the mall closed for the evening.

Stay tuned, because I’ve got a few more events from the last couple weeks to post! Thanks for reading!

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