#91 – Backtracking: My Trip To Dress Barn (March 26, 2011)

Catching up again, as always – Let’s start out with one of my most recent events, shall we?

March 26, 2011 was my first time out shopping as myself, to a private after-hours shopping event, hosted by Dress Barn, and members of the River City Gems, the TG/CD group in Sacramento, CA, that I’m a member of.

To tell you the truth, even now, I’m deathly afraid of going out as Julie Anne to public places, especially by myself – Mainly for fear of getting “read”. (I guess I just have to assume it’s going to happen, and work hard on not calling too much attention to myself, because, inevitably, I’m going to have to prepare myself for the eventuality of going out in public, not in the company of other TG folks.) – Most of my shopping up to this point, I’ve done in boy-mode. Perhaps I’m making too big of a deal of this than I really should. It seem, the more I get out there, and the more I research, and the more people I talk to, a lot of mainstream retail places, primarily Dress Barn, Lane Bryant, Sephora, MAC, and a few other places are TG-friendly, usually mandated by a company-wide policy.

Maybe it’s a good thing, because people like us, especially those of us who are part-time girls, or who are just beginning to take the steps to transition, are benefiting the U.S. economy — twice! ^_^;

Anyway, let’s get to the main story here – I showed up about 7:30 or so, gathered up my courage, noting that some other girls had pulled up at the parking lot, and I made my way in, greeted by Dress Barn staff, and met up with some familiar faces inside the store.

Since I’m a big girl, I made my way to the other side of the store for plus-size offerings, and took my time going through the racks, primarily through the clearance area, and some offerings from the current selection of Jones Studio Separates, as well as looking for a dress or two I had my eye on.

One of the newer members was there, with her spouse, who recommended a very nice dress for me, which I ended up picking up. (She was quite accepting and kind to me, even though she noticed how nervous I was. ^_^; )

I took some time to model some of my prospective purchases in the dressing room. The black dress I’m wearing, with the patterned jacket, was my outfit I wore for shopping – Something I could get in and out of easily, since I knew I’d be trying on a lot of things.

Dress Barn: Changing Room Photo 1 Dress Barn: Changing Room Photo 2 Dress Barn: Changing Room Photo 3 Dress Barn Changing Room: Photo 4

I ended up buying a nice, colorful, comfy top from the clearance racks, a pair of pajamas (appropriate for spring/summer), a cute fuchsia coat, and a white/fuchsia/black patterned cowl shell, a pair of black trousers, and a wonderful purple formal dress, which I’ll wear to River City Sparkle later this year! I spent quite a bit, but I don’t regret it one single moment, especially with the 15% discount we received.

New Outfit (Pink Phase 1) New Outfit (Pink Phase 2) New Outfit (Pink Phase 4) New Outfit (Pink Phase 5)
New Outfit (Cat Phase!) New Dress! (Ready For River City Sparkle 2011!)

I’m looking forward to my next outings to Dress Barns near me, either as myself, or in boy-mode, and trips elsewhere. I’m just working through things, one small step at a time, as always.

2 thoughts on “#91 – Backtracking: My Trip To Dress Barn (March 26, 2011)”

  1. Hi Julie Anne. Delighted to have found you here, and flattered to see my own blog mentioned here. I spent a bit of time reading some of your back story, and identify with much of it. Wonderful to see you taking cautious but determined steps. You may have felt nervous (we all do …) but your happiness shines through and over that if the pictures tell the tale accurately. And I am sure they do.

    Very best wishes on your journey. I look forward to looking in from time to time.


  2. Thank you, Petra, for finding me. Your blog, along with others I’ve linked to, are among my favorites, and my guides for developing my home online.

    I’m glad you like my photos, and my writings as well. (I’ve got more to blog about, I just need to organize myself to sit down whenever I can and update. I’ve got more to talk about, after the last couple weeks, where I’ve been taking a few more steps out of the closet. ^_^; )

    It’s good to know I have an audience, as it inspires me to keep chronicling my journey. Thanks, once again, for replying, and I’ll check in on your site from time to time as well!

    — Julie Anne

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