#78 – Holiday Present 4: Yes, She Does Video Too…

This was an eventual plan of mine, to get in front of a camera and take video, if nothing else, to prove that I do exist as more than just words and still pictures.

Yes, it’s a webcam, and yes, I don’t quite sound as good I expect to, but the reality is, I’ve only been doing this on a semi-regular basis since April 2010, and hey – Everyone had to start somewhere.

Naturally, I’ve made my home at YouTube, having started mine up earlier this month. I’m bringing a bit of my boy-mode skills from earlier projects here to build the groundwork for some occasional video posts, perhaps becoming more and more frequent as the months go on.

This is my second one, as my first one was a tongue-in-cheek tribute to Horatio Caine of CSI: Miami, and the culmination of back-and-forth in-jokes between myself and Kara, a friend of mine from PINKessence. (Check out her blog at Remote Transitions while you’re at it!)

So, here it is – Video Post entry 002 – “Dear Santa”

A bit long winded, I could have been a bit more clear in my voicing, but it was completely from the heart.

Happy holidays, friends…

— Julie Anne

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