#71 – November, And Being More Outgoing…

(Bear with me if this gets into a steam-of-consciousness style – I’m writing this from my Android phone. ^_^; )

So far, this month is shaping up to be moderately busy for me, at least in terms of planning outings where I’m getting dressed up, and going out and meeting others.

Yes, you heard it right – I’m getting out in public more. I still don’t consider myself ready for prime time, but I’m making progress with every successful small step I take.

This most recent Friday night found me in Sacramento’s midtown area, near 20th and K streets. (Sacramento’s main LGBT area – there’s lots of clubs, and a couple of eateries around there.) I met up with Melissa, a member of River City Gems (Sacramento’s crossdresser/transgender support group), for this month’s New Girls’ Night Out, where a girl like her, who’s out in the mainstream, helps out girls like me, who are still a bit shy about getting out in public, by taking them to TG-friendly venues, or even mainstream places, such as shopping at the mall, Sephora, or other places.

The evening started around 7:45 pm, when I arrived at Hamburger Patties, a restaurant and bar in the area. I arrived before Melissa, so, after a one-block walk where I parked my car, I was inside, making myself comfortable at the bar with a diet soda while I was waiting to meet Melissa.

(stay tuned for more on the outing!)

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