#9 – Just A Couple Quick Videos (Link 1)

This one was sent to me yesterday morning by Gordon, a friend of mine from Flickr. This short entry, one of a series of three from Charlotte, a.k.a. “karmatic1110” on YouTube, really speaks to me, primarily on my fear and apprehension of seeing how far down the rabbit hole I can go, as far as all things Julie Anne are concerned:

I did mention that I’m still somewhat in the closet, and I’ve been out in public about 15 minutes total, not counting two separate outings driving around town (but not getting out of the car), at about an hour total. I still consider myself “Not ready for prime time” as far as voice, mindset, mannerisms, being able to pass, etc., but we’ll talk more about this later, ok?

Ah, Gordon – You do understand me somewhat – Thanks, my friend.

2 thoughts on “#9 – Just A Couple Quick Videos (Link 1)”

  1. Thank you for posting the video! A friend of mine from Flickr send me the link. Thank you also for being the very first non-spambot to comment here. ^_^; My belated condolences on the loss of your father (I had tears in my eyes when I viewed that vlog – My father is still alive, though it always seems awkward when we spend time together. He doesn’t know, and I don’t know if I can ever tell him that I’ve been dressing up, on and off, for over half my life. Of course, Mom doesn’t know either that I never stopped crossdressing, but I’m sure she probably suspects a thing or two.) I hope things are still going good for you. I’m still working on eventually getting out in public, as I’ve stated here on other posts, and of course, making contact with other people, and of course, coming out to friends I can trust.

    Again, thank you for making these series of videos. My journey has barely started, and this site, along with my Flickr space, and all my other online presences, is just a part of it. I don’t know exactly where my journey will take me, but then, it’s not the first time in my life I’ve set out on a journey where I figured out the destination along the way.

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