#10 – Just A Couple of Quick Videos (Link 2)

…And now, something that just outright makes me happy, if nothing else, because:

  1. It’s so damn fun to listen to!
  2. It speaks to me, mainly because Richard O’Brien wrote the song, and performed the majority of the vocals. (Remember, friends, Shock Treatment is NOT a sequel, or a prequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but more of an “equal”, so I’ve been told over the past 20-odd years.)
  3. Jessica Harper, while taking a bit of time getting used to her in the role of Janet (Weiss) Majors, had a pretty incredible singing voice for the time this film was made. I really liked her performance in the earlier Phantom Of The Paradise film.)
    (omg omg omg she has a website, and a blog, and she still sings and looks wonderful, and she cooks, and writes books, and… and… and… and I’m gushing over someone I’m barely familiar with…. Pardon me while I quietly tiptoe off to explode. ^_^;)
  4. They’re singing about the quintessential “Swiss Army Knife” of every girl’s wardrobe, the celebrated LBD – Little Black Dress! (Even I have one! I should show you one of my pictures of me wearing it sometime! ^_-;)

Ooh! Speaking of Rocky Horror, a couple of my friends (who I eventually told about me as Julie Anne, but this was before they knew) keep wanting me to go out to some upcoming event (Exotic Erotic Ball in San Francisco?! Eeep! ~_~;) as Dr. Frank N. Furter – Let it be said that I have not ruled that out completely. I was brave enough to send up pictures of myself on Flickr in a one-piece swimsuit, but even I know my limits. I don’t see any Plus Size Franks out there, and I’m not willing to inflict that sort of visual torture on current and future friends. (plus I won’t allow myself to be an object for cheap laughs – It’s just the way I am.)  Besides, I need to learn to work my high heels. (I’m up to 2-inch heels without falling down or making a fool of myself – I’ll make it to greater heights as time passes.)

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