Chat Room Rules

Welcome to the Rainbow Mix Radio Chat Room

Rainbow Mix Radio is a GLBT-friendly, family-oriented internet radio station that is owned and operated by members who are transgender or transgender-friendly people. The chat room and radio station are here for ALL to enjoy, offering a fun, safe place for our listeners to relax and request songs from the on-air DJ. The chat room is monitored the entire time the station is broadcasting. The “On-Air” DJ is in charge of the chat room while he or she is on the air, has the ability to enforce the rules of the chat room, has the ability to “kick” a user from the chat room if needed, and can only be overridden by an Administrator. The only one who can override an Administrator is a Super Administrator.

The colors of the icons in the chat room are as follows
Red = Admin and Super Admin
Gold = DJs/ Room moderators

These are our trained staff, who will be happy to help you with any needs you may have. The room is also monitored by an Admin or a Super admin while the station in operation.

Other colors are as follows:
Blue = Listener
Green = VIP listener

All rules are enforced by the (3 strikes rule)
First strike = Kicked for 24 hours
Second Strike = 3 day Ban
Third Strike = Permanent and/or IP Ban
You will receive 3 warnings
First in open Chat
Second in Private
Third and final in open and private

The only exceptions to the 3 strikes rule is when the rule pertains to any and ALL minors who use the site

  1. Please be kind and respectful to ALL who are in the room. Anyone being disrespectful to anyone will not be tolerated.
  2. This is a Family-oriented station, so please keep it clean in open chat. No more than PG-13, please.
  3. We do have minors who come in to chat. ALL adult users will be told who they are and warned to keep it clean when chatting with them, EVEN IN PRIVATE. Any adult sex chat to a minor will result in an IMMEDIATE, PERMANENT IP BAN, WITH THE IP BEING REPORTED, AND A COPY OF THE CHAT LOG SENT TO YOUR LOCAL POLICE. NO EXCEPTIONS, NO DISCUSSION, NO EXCUSES!
  4. There will be NO fighting in the room. All involved will be warned, and if it continues, ALL will be kicked for 24 hours, NO MATTER WHO STARTED IT. We will NOT try and sort out who said what to whom.
  5. Bashing of any kind will NOT be tolerated.
  6. This is NOT a SEX site. Keep it clean please, or take it elsewhere.
  7. When requesting songs from our DJs, there are a few reasons why you will NOT hear your song when requested and these are:
    1. They have requests ahead of yours.
    2. They are looking for it.
    3. They don’t have it due to limited resources.

    They will let you know either way. PLEASE do not BADGER them.Our DJs are very busy at times, making sure that YOU are having a good time. PLEASE be patient with them. If you think the DJ has either missed your request, or forgot about it, you can remind them ONLY ONCE. Please remember, they ARE human.

  8. Please do not belittle, trash talk, or criticize our DJs because they don’t have a song, or how they do their show. Again, they are only human.

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