Welcome to Rainbow Mix Radio!

(You’ve reached us at a temporary “reduced power” version of our main web site – Please bear with us as we get back up to full power. You can still tune in to our programming, and take part in the chat room in the meantime.)

Rainbow Mix Radio (“RMX”) has what we call an “Eclectic Format,” and we’ll play whatever you want, whenever you want. All of our DJs give 110% to provide you with the best music you’ve ever heard — Or never heard before!

Also, RMX is very proud to be owned and operated by transgender individuals.

To join us at RMX, please select the Chat Room, and enter your user name. No password is needed. Don’t be a stranger!

If you would like to become a part of the RMX Family, come into the Chat Room, and ask for Karen or Samantha, or any admin (Red chat chat room participants). We’re always looking  for music lovers to help make Rainbow Mix Radio the radio station you’ve been waiting for all your life!

You can Apply Here (Link returning soon!)


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Main Web Site Back Up – (Changes Coming Here Soon!)

Thank you for your patience. Our web site is back up and running, with the the new stream and original chat room back up and running.

Visit us again at http://rainbowmixradio.com/

This temporary site will evolve into the official web site for Michael M and Julie Anne M for the Pizza Parlor show – and unofficial help site for RMX listeners. ^_^;

(Yes, folks, The Pizza Parlor will have its own site, and you’ll be able to link to the chat room and listen to RMX from here, of course!)

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Thank You For Listening (Taking A Break…)

Coming up next, either Sunrise With Sami, or Patty taking to the Air Chair later today.

Until then, we’re giving our equipment a rest, and continuing with technical maintenance of the web site. As always, stay tuned to this web site for information on what’s going on, and info on who’s running a show, and of course, we’re ready for your requests.

Thank you for listening, as always!

- RMX Staff

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Help Section and Stream Addresses Back Up

The help section is back up and working, with links to download some media players, download Java, and information to resolve issues with not being able to get into the Chat Room, or not being able to hear music.

Please keep in mind that the high-speed and dialup/low-bandwidth stream addresses in the Chat Room page do not open up the RMX custom player yet. As a workaround, copy and paste, or type the address into your media player of choice.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for news as to when the full Rainbow Mix Radio web site is back up and running. Thank your for your patience, and, of course, thank you for listening!

Currently, Tazzy is in the Air Chair, entertaining you with The Asylum. Stay tuned for news regarding the return of Samantha Renae, for Sunrise With Sami. Watch for an updated schedule very soon. (Keep checking back!)

Your hosts, Sami, Wildcat, Tazzy, Dee, Patty, Lucky Leprechaun, The Artist D, and Michael M are looking forward to providing you with the best in entertainment!

- RMX Staff

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Chat Room Is Back Up!

The Chat Room is back (same chat room, slightly different window-dressing) – Just click on the “Chat Room (Beta Version!)” link up below the page banner, or go here.

Chat Room rules are also back up – Please take a moment to read them here.. (I’m glad I had a copy to post here. What is supposed to be posted up at our main site was the result of the work of many members of our RMX staff.)

Please note: All IP addresses are logged, and Network R3 web server administration staff have absolute zero tolerance for any attempts to hack or deface this web site. Backups are made very frequently. (Trust us, you don’t want to make our webmaster angry. ^_^; )

Thanks for your patience and understanding!
- RMX Staff

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Watch This Space

We’re working hard to get the basics of the site up, mainly the information for listening (Our high and low stream addresses are still the same, don’t worry!), so it’ll be a bit sparse for now, but a basic site is better than nothing.

While we don’t have info on what exactly happened, or a definite ETA for the full site to be back up, we’ll provide what information we can here, as well as our official Facebook page.

Stay tuned for more news as we have it available, and thank you for listening, as always!

- RMX Staff

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