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So, Who Am I?

Cosplayer, freelance self-taught techie, writer, artist, webmaster, collector, transgender, born and raised in California, relocated to Arizona, six degrees apart from anyone else important...

A girl in search of a back story, her identity, the road to who she is.... So, who is Julie Anne? Why don't we find out together, ok? ^_-;

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#100 (What’s So Special About It, Anyway?)

… Actually, a lot, in fact, so much, that instead of making one big, long post that will probably take me about an hour or more to put together, I’m going to go with a series of little posts, updating and bring people up to speed on what my world’s been like since the end

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#53 – Did You Read My Story? (If not, read this post.)

I’ve posted it here on that tab up at the top of my page, and even in a post in a private group I moderate on Flickr.

Today, at around 1:30 AM my time, after talking to a new friend elsewhere online. That moment has come…

“Julie… You are home.” (or more appropriately, “welcome honey

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#30 – Re-Entry From Low Orbit… (Hope I Don’t Get Burned…)

I can’t explain how I come up with the titles to my posts, either here or elsewhere. Sometimes they make sense with the actual posts. I’m kind of funny like that.

Anyway, a quick note – Today is a good day, for I’ve received my very first non-spam comment here. Every bit of feedback helps

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#3 – Soft Grand Opening – Still Fine-Tuning Things Around Here…

Hmm? Oh, my… Hello there! You’ve found me, and my “house” is a mess! ^_^; (But then again, so is my bedroom where I’m putting all this together, so what else is new?) Stay tuned, I’m customizing this theme, and have plans to put some actual content here very soon! Feel free to take a look around. If I get a moment, I’ll be glad to serve you some peanut butter cookies and fresh-squeezed lemonade, made with love with lemons from the tree in my backyard! Enjoy! xoxo… — Julie Anne

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#2 – To Do List (As of the wee hours of June 24, 2010)

Secure a domain name to point here, and park it on the Network R3 server… Start putting up actual content, divided by categories Put up links to my points of presence on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, ??? Put up links of interest to me and others (Fast tracking links to Michelle Phan’s YouTube makeup

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