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Cosplayer, freelance self-taught techie, writer, artist, webmaster, collector, transgender, born and raised in California, relocated to Arizona, six degrees apart from anyone else important...

A girl in search of a back story, her identity, the road to who she is.... So, who is Julie Anne? Why don't we find out together, ok? ^_-;

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#104 – The (not-so) Short Version of Why Sunday Was A “Dead Julie Anne Day”

(Post 104 in a continuing series – Stay Tuned, recaps will return, but first, this somewhat serious entry.)

1. Totally exhausted from 2 days’ of 5 hours’ sleep on average, as well as two trips to and from the Bay Area (Friday in San Jose, Saturday in Burlingame.)

2. Bummed out from the double-whammy of

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#43 – Well Wishes To Those At Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta…

… Perhaps someday soon, before I get too old and not-so-pretty (heh heh heh), I’ll make it out there. It all depends on me.

For now, I’ll add it to my “Bucket List”, along with Fantasia Fair, and perhaps some outings closer to my home state (Northern California, about an hour and a half or

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#15 – Thinking About Decloaking Some Friends-Only Posts on LiveJournal…

I’ve had a LiveJournal in existence for most of this year. I’ve got quite a few posts, most of which some of the entries here were based on, that were part of a selected group that not everyone had access to. I’m figuring, since this site’s essentially public, it doesn’t make too much sense, if

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#2 – To Do List (As of the wee hours of June 24, 2010)

Secure a domain name to point here, and park it on the Network R3 server… Start putting up actual content, divided by categories Put up links to my points of presence on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, ??? Put up links of interest to me and others (Fast tracking links to Michelle Phan’s YouTube makeup

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