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#15 – Thinking About Decloaking Some Friends-Only Posts on LiveJournal…

I’ve had a LiveJournal in existence for most of this year. I’ve got quite a few posts, most of which some of the entries here were based on, that were part of a selected group that not everyone had access to. I’m figuring, since this site’s essentially public, it doesn’t make too much sense, if I’m unifying all my online presences, to keep everything hidden there, especially when I’ve got a lot of things here public-viewable.

I’d say I’ve become a bit more courageous and daring these last 4-5 months, or maybe it really isn’t as big of a deal as I think it is. But then, I maintain a Facebook presence, and I have a couple people who may not know the whole store behind me yet.

I’ll think some more on this, and make a decision soon.