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#42 – Picking Up Where I Left Off Last Fall: Working Out…

It’s a means to an end, and the only sure way, getting more active, along with better portion control/keeping track of what I eat, for me to get back into losing weight.

I was on track last summer, starting out with working out about 4-5 night a week, but as summer progressed into fall, and approached the end of the year, between work, returning to college, and a few friends trying to get me to go to events out of town, it cut into my schedule, and things fell to the wayside. It’s not the first time I’ve fallen “off the horse.” What matters the most is that I pick myself off the ground and get back on.

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#8 – A Quick Thought: Working Title Of This Site?

For lack of a better name, and in relation to this “fantastic voyage” that is my life, I’ve christened this site “Who Is Julie Anne?” for the time being.

However, as I go on, or for those who talk with me on a regular basis on Flickr or elsewhere, I wonder if there’s a more appropriate name for this site/blog, either with or without my name attached to the title?

Just a quick thought while I run off and take care of some things, and of course, get back to my big post prior to this.

Ta-ta for now, my darlings! ^_^