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#25 – A Few More Steps (Or: A Few More Miles…)

Just a few words to say while I wait for my latest photos to upload to Flickr…

After dinner, and a few replies to Bree, a girl I know in Alabama, I was feeling a bit tired after watching “Mad Men” after dinner, so I decided to get some fresh air before it got too late.

At times over the last few months, I have gone out at night dressed up, and drove around the area in my car. It’s sort of progress, though your car is an extension of your home. (Hey, I’m not the only one who’s gone out driving en femme.) – This time, I decided to give myself a little challenge. I wanted to see if I could work the brake and gas pedals while wearing my 3″ heels. After a quick refresher tutorial on walking in heels, (Thanks, YouTube! ^_^; I’m making progress – The keys are to remember: heel-toe, heel-toe, start out slow, don’t keep the knees stiff, don’t make the thighs do the work, chest out and up, stomach in (Work those abs! It helps!) – I’m a bit more confident and less prone to stumbling, but I still need work, and of course, refinement of my walk.) it was out to the car, getting out of the garage, down the street, and off around the city.

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#23 – At Least I Seem To Pass On Social Networks…

I have a Facebook of my own, of course, as part of my strategy to be all over the place online as Julie Anne. ^_^;

Today, I’ve achieved a bit of happiness, or at least it’s reason to make me laugh with contentment. I’m winding up a discussion with a friend of mine from Australia, as she’s acquiring a MacBook Pro. Between herself, myself, and the others joining in on the thread, there’s a lot of computer talk, and of course, the perceived image of Mac users. (Hey, she’s getting it for her graphic design job!)

I’m taking it as a compliment from one of the folks, who stated, “…is it wrong that I’m a little turned on by all the XXs talking OSs and hardware?” ^_^;

Now, if only I can pass in person, as well as online. ^_^;

#22 – “You Want Shoes? We GOT Shoes!” (Prelude To More Photos This Weekend!)

“Hey, look what I found– OW, MY KNEE!!”

Reebok Freestyle Hi 25th Anniversary - Delicate Sheen (1) Reebok Freestyle Hi 25th Anniversary - Delicate Sheen (2) Reebok Freestyle Hi 25th Anniversary - Metallic Sheen (1) Reebok Freestyle Hi 25th Anniversary - Metallic Sheen (2)


“By da’ Radio Sha’k next to tha tall build’n…” ^_^;

What, you’re kidding me! No one remembers that sketch from Conan O’Brien’s Late Night show?  – I think it’s still here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2v_6D0UQbU

Nope, I didn’t forget about my Flickr, in fact, I’m going to have a few days, and a dare for myself. Details and new photos (and hopefully outfits you haven’t seen) coming! I need to get some supplies for the next few days. ^_^; (Sorry, kids – These shoes are not for sale!)

#20 – If You Could Undergo a “Transformation”… (“Classic” Julie Anne)

(Dear Readers: This is a public repost of an entry I posted to a private group I initially posted my pictures to on my Flickr, back around late April/early May 2010, before I became brave enough to post pictures of myself in entirety publicly on Flickr. I still maintain the group, and it’s where some of the not-quite ready for prime-time pictures go. I owe the people I initially invited there my most sincere gratitude, because, if it wasn’t for their support, I wouldn’t be here today, either posting public photos of myself dressed up on Flickr, or even maintaining this site. Brankingston12, DJ Bridget, Francine, and Gordon – Everything I am today, I owe to each of you!)

“And Now, Our Feature Presentation…” (Originally posted on “My Time To Shine” private group on Flickr on April 25, 2010, at around 3:53 AM PDT.)

If you could undergo a “transformation”… And by transformation, I’m not talking about your own makeup/clothing/wig ritual, or going to a professional service, but physically transforming, by magic, science, or some other method?

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#19 – Even More Under-The-Hood Tinkering: New 404 Page!

Just a few ideas seen elsewhere, and lovingly hacked into the customized theme I’m using.

If things go well, and I’m on the ball, and don’t link from Twitter or Facebook, or elsewhere to pages that don’t exist, or mysteriously disappear from here, you should rarely see it.

Of course, you could try this link that goes nowhere and does nothing, but it will most likely bring up the page, unless I actually post enough to make something go here.

#18 – This Blog Is Going Mobile!

I’ve just acquired a new “soft touch red” Asus Eee PC 1015PE netbook, or as I’m calling it, my “pink netbook”, or her formal name, “Karen-chan”. ^_^;

250 GB capacity, Wireless-N capability, loaded up with my time-tested assortment of security/antivirus/antispyware tools (And everything else configured by me, saving myself $50, though the Geek Squad folks were quite helpful with the six months support package.)

I have a webcam, so who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to post video and/or photo updates from where I’m at. (Well, maybe not if I’m talked into clubbing. ^_^;)

Music to quick-blog by: “Brown Eyes” by Lady GaGa – Good night, my darlings!