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#11 – Dinner And A Movie? (Not As You Think!)

(And YET another new category up on the lower menu bar on the site. I write long posts, and sometimes I write short ones, like this one. Expect some reclassification, but definitely stuff longer than 140 characters – Otherwise, I wouldn’t have need for a Twitter account, would I? ^_-;)

And yes… I smile (^_^;) and I wink (^_-;) a lot, everywhere I go. Girls should smile as often as they can, right?

Anyway – I’m watching “Marie Antoinette” on Turner Classic Movies (Starring Norma Shearer) while I have a late night meal – WOW! One of the guys in there is sporting more makeup than I do on a good day. (Not to mention he’s got a better “Cupid’s Bow” lip line, and thinner eyebrows than I’ll ever have. This gives me an idea… Hmmm…. Surely nothing good can come of this, right? ^_-;) Ha ha ha ha ha ha…

(Copied, pasted, and expanded upon from my Facebook post not too long ago.)