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#33 – I Think This Song Sums Up How I Felt Most Of Monday Afternoon…

Under the spell of the LBD again – I’ll try to remember the camera either today, or later in the week. I did take some tiny webcam pictures on the new netbook, but I don’t feel they’re worthy enough of being part of Photo #500 on my Flickr right now. Anyway, to clarify, just being dressed up totally changed the way I felt, acted, walked, and so on. I hadn’t felt so good since about eight months ago when I came back early from Monterey, and had the house to myself for a day or two, before having to return to boy-mode for work. (Ah, I still miss work – I need to ramp up my job-seeking efforts. At least this time, I can start anew, go in with restyled eyebrows, smooth, hairless arms, etc., and more or less go in with a “don’t ask, don’t tell” attitude for a while, but that’s another topic for another post – Coming Soon To A Julie Anne Blog Near You! ^_-;)

Anyway – I forget if my writer friend Tom from New York sent this link to me, but it makes me feel good about the enigma this aspect of my life seems to be at times – David Engel as Albin, performing, “I Am What I Am,” the closing song to Act I of La Cage Aux Folles. So many emotions go through me when I hear this song.

I could see myself performing this song someday. In fact, I almost wanted to sing along Monday afternoon, or at least everything short of tossing aside my wig and running off in my 3.5″ heels. ^_^;

Maybe this is a good thing after all – “What do you think, sirs?”

(“Meh…. Push the button, Frank.” **poof!**)