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#17 – For Further Clarification…

A few more words after such a very long post. Yes, I can write, and at times, I may write too much. That’s just how I am, whether I’m wearing mens’ jockey briefs, jeans, and a “guy” t-shirt, and my current out-of-control “semi-mullet” hair, or if I’m dressed to the nines in my little black dress, black tights and 3″ heels, my favorite fashion jewelry, my nice new wig, and my finest makeup, while writing this. (I’m not telling. ^_-;)

Anyway, the clarification – I am committed to the journey – I made a promise to myself – I will not purge, ever. I may sell or donate stuff I’m not interested in or that doesn’t fit me, I may change with the times and how I recreate my body, but I am here, and I am here to stay for as long as I can. I’m sure in time, I will ease down, perhaps to 3 or so updates a week, and get into a place where I’m more real, but I have a feeling that I’ll still want to be a boy as often as I want to be a girl.

No matter where the journey takes me, as long as it’s what I want, that’s what matters. I can’t guarantee how long I’ll do this, but I’m putting my heart and soul into this. Perhaps this is more meaningful than anything I’ve ever done over the last 15 or so years since I was unleashed onto the internet.

xoxo, as always…
— Julie Anne ^_^