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#62 – And Now, A Post Not About Me…

Well, not entirely. If you’re viewing this on a non-mobile web browser, you’ll see a nifty little addition to the lower left sidebar. I’ve added a QR Code (“Quick Response” code) that will forward the address of this web site to your smartphone, if it’s capable of reading these codes. (Flaunting my new mobile phone. I’ve been having fun with my nice new Samsung Captivate, which I’ve given a name – Cappy, or “Constance” – Ask me why I chose those names, you may be surprised. ^_^; )

Anyway, scan it with your smartphone’s camera, and it should work. You can get your own QR codes here at Kaywa’s site at http://qrcode.kaywa.com/.

Oh! Are you having issues with your Captivate not resolving anything over the wifi connection to your router, or at any public wifi area? Try powering down and rebooting the phone. (It works for me.) You also want to try setting up your Captivate so that the wifi doesn’t go to sleep when the screen does. (I did, and I’ll update this with my findings.)

Just press the lower left “menu” softkey, press “Settings”, then press “Wireless and network”, then press “Wi-Fi settings”. Press the “menu” softkey again, and then press “Advanced”. Press “Wi-Fi sleep policy” and then select “Never”.

Of course, if all else fails, just deal with the minute or two a reboot cycle takes up. And yes, if you’re curious, my Cappy was born on August 8. (The day after my birthday this year.) It unfortunately suffers from the “shutdown” issue some of us Captivate users are having. Mine seems to do well when the battery’s taken down to 85% charge, but I’m trying to isolate why it’s causing it. If things get really bad, I still have time to swap for a hopefully fixed model. (But I love my Cappy… Captivate is love. ^_^; ) – I hope you’re loving yours as much as I do!

Hugs and kisses,
— Julie Anne ^_^