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So, How Did You Put Together This Blog?

I run WordPress on my own server, accessible through the NetworkR3.com structure. Actually, this is just a small section (though the one actual “finished product,” though, like just about most blogs, this is a perpetual work-in-progress) of several subdomains on Network R3.

I’ve been teaching myself HTML since 1994, and gradually getting the hang of PHP, and anything that installs and runs under Apache, using PHP and MySQL on Linux servers. Going to a content management system like WordPress was a matter of convenience, and playing around with this, and Drupal/Joomla until I found something I was happy with.

The theme is Atahualpa, from BytesForAll, and I tweaked a custom color scheme to go with the site. Yes, it’s pink. Deal with it. ^_^;

The top-of-page banner graphic was designed by me, with the slice of toast sketched by hand, scanned in, and cleaned up and colorized in GIMP.

Yes, I like, prefer, and support Open Source software! (Hey, I’m just a girl struggling to get known and make her mark – I’m not getting paid for this, but I’m having fun!)

Are You A Man? (heh-heh)

(Well, it’s not really that funny, but I’m sure it’ll be asked sometime, if it hasn’t been already.)

As a friend of mine online said: “I find ‘man’ to be a dirty word.” ^_^;

The longer version is here: http://networkr3.com/julieanne/?page_id=33

Are You A Drag Queen?

No, I am not. I don’t present myself as a character, or an exaggerated representation of femininity, but I simply present myself as who I am: A woman.

Mind you, it doesn’t mean I don’t think about glamming it up once in a while. ^_^;

Will You Ever Make This Site Subscription-Based?


In fact, I have absolutely no intention whatsoever to make this site, or portions of it, accessible through subscribing. Other than not knowing the legal issues involved with it, I’m a firm believer in giving back, since there’s others out there looking for tips, answers, or at least reassurance that they’re not the only ones out there with questions about themselves.

I don’t even feature a PayPal button here. (Besides, all that stuff is set up in my boy-mode self. Boring. ^_^; )

I never intended to make any money off of this, or anything else on here, but if anyone’s willing to contribute clothes, other items, DVDs and such on my wish list, or chip in a few bucks towards DVR-R/DVR+R discs, or subsidizing the cost of external hard drives. I won’t mind. ^_^;

Does Your Family Know About Julie Anne?

Other than Mom catching me wearing her clothes around age 14/15, and my sister being aware of it then (all of this happened over 25 years ago), Mom and Dad don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mom was aware, but as long as she didn’t see me — out of sight, out of mind, I guess.

Update August 2014: A few months ago, my sister asked me, and I came out to her. So far, she’s supporting and accepting. I can’t ask for a better sibling. ^_^;

I do want to tell my mom, and perhaps my father, and other relatives, when it’s time to do so, whenever that is. Obviously, I’m not at that point in my life yet. I do feel that my sister would be the most open to it. In fact, I’ll be surprised if she hasn’t figure it out by now. ^_^;

“Julie Anne,” was the name that Mom gave me, had I been born a girl. After thinking it over briefly, and of course, creating a comic/manga character with the name “Julie,” I felt it was time to give Julie Anne a life in the real world, and I strongly identified with the name. I guess it was meant to be. ^_^;

Are You In A Relationship? Wanna Date?

(Update 1-23-2013: I’m in an open relationship with two people – One is a girl, the other is a guy. I’m discovering that I like guys, but I’d consider myself bi for now.)

However, I’m (still) not on here to hook up with people, and I’m not too comfortable with people merely adding me to hook up with me, be on webcams, or other stuff like that. That goes double for adding me in Facebook solely for those reasons.

Can I Add You On Facebook For Games?

Um, generally, no. If you’re simply adding me for enabling extra perks for games, I’d have to respectfully decline, as I don’t do too many games on Facebook – Facebook by itself is already enough of a timesuck as it is. ^_^;

Do You Cam? Wanna Get On Cam?

I rarely get on cam, except for a few occasions, and even then, only with a few people. It’s just how I am. There’s more to me than just still or moving images, and I’m not into requests (tame or kinky), or multi-hour long webcam chats. ^_^

So, Are You On Facebook?

Yes, I am – It is (for the most part) public-viewable, and you can find me at http://www.facebook.com/julieanne.morgan3.

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