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“Who Is Julie Anne?”

(Project Fabulous 2010 – Initiated July 21, 2010)
(Project Fabulous 2010 Phase II – Commencing October 2010 onward)

Who: The Life and Times of Miss Julie Anne Morgan
Why: Because It’s My Time To Shine – Believe It!

Conceived, Designed, Written, Directed, and Produced By: Julie Anne Morgan

All Photography By: Julie Anne Morgan (Unless otherwise indicated)

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Ruby Rose
Alana Nicole Sholar

— (Vanished For Now… Hurry Back One Day, OK?)
DJ Bridget
Lily L.
Eliya H.

— (My Friends in The River City Gems – Sacramento, CA Area)
Rachel M. and Marla M.
Tilda &
Pauline L.
Cheryle and Bobbie
Megan T.
Debby M.
Allison R.
Tim H.
Melissa D.
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— (The Rest Of The Northern California Girls)
Kelli P.
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Maxine M.
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Jessica Fantasia
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Robin Summers
Christina MsLadybug
Catina M.
Melissa B.
Cynthia N.

— (My Friends in Arizona — Shout Out To Broadway Bound And Gagged!)
Aubrey D.
Jennifer D. (JenCat)
Jen L. (Zen Jen)
Jennifer W. (Lady Jen – BFF!)
Kenneth W. (Jen’s Boo!)
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Mikki H.
Beck L.
Jessica S.
Mario C.
Athena R.
Gabe S.
Pamela Rose
Soon F.
Adam H.
Lynn N.

— (In Memoriam…)
Jackie B.
Madilyn C.
Leslie R.

Everyone else whom I’ve met and talked with online and in person, and many others…

Extra Super Special Thanks To:
Raider3 (My web administrator benefactor and mentor, and my greatest friend. Without you, I could never be who I was yesterday, who I am today, and who I will be tomorrow.)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll never get tired of saying it:
This Is My Time To Shine!

To all who I have met, and to those I have yet to meet – Thank you!

The Beginning…

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