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Ok, So I Lied…

I’m still on Facebook and Instagram, I didn’t leave. Doesn’t mean I’m still not semi-burned out.

So, I guess we’re stuck with each other. I still wouldn’t mind getting some contacts updated, and having a way to get in touch with people, at least discord, if not texts, or email, or even Signal messenger. Who knows when Facebook will take a flying dump again?

I was online before Facebook, and if Facebook goes away of my space, I’ll still be here, even if they digitize my brain, and cram it into a Raspberry Pi. (3B+, please?)

Too Hot For FB: 5G, and NIMBYS in Gilbert

(Why too hot for Facebook? More in an upcoming post.)

Yeah, it’s been a while, and I’ll eventually fill in the gaps.

But, seriously, the memories of people, mostly in Europe, pulling down 5G cell towers, out of fear and false information that the towers spread COVID-19, are still fresh in mind. I exclaimed out loud, “Oh, God, no… Not this shit again.”

The Story: Verizon is putting up a 5G cellular tower in a residential neighbor in Gilbert, Arizona. (Not too far southeast of Phoenix.) Neighbors are concerned about the effects of the radio-frequency energy given off by the towels upon their health.

Disclaimer: I am a Verizon wireless customer. (Thanks, sis!)

The streetlight-mounted tower is going up, near a family who were caught off-guard, despite the fact that the tower is going up on city property.

The family, and nearby neighbors, are concerned about long-term effects on their health, with one resident stating that:

“It’s a new technology and I don’t think the impacts, long-term impacts, have been studied enough to prove otherwise if it’s healthy or not.”

I’ll be keeping my eyes on this one, I don’t expect any tower-toppling, but a lot of bullshit going on. Or, perhaps they’d love to back to 3G days? I’m on a 4G phone, still, and can’t wait for my next phone with 5G… And perhaps a working headphone jack, or at least my trusted USB-C to phone jack adapter. At least the crack in my screen isn’t a serious one.