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#45 – Updates to “About Me” Section

I’ve added some more information (But nothing too personal, of course) – Mainly some statistics of what I look for and present in my pictures, and what I’d expect from others friending me or commenting on my photos on Flickr. I’ll probably add most of that in an upcoming photo post, mainly for those who don’t read my profile information too closely.

Take a peek if you’re so inclined, or bored. ^_^;

#40 – Some More Behind-The-Scenes Tweaks…

I’ve adjusted the page to display a little better on mobile phone browsers, such as not-so-smart-phones like mine (Which I’ll be upgrading in about two and a half weeks from now!), and hopefully for a more streamlined interface on Android, Blackberry and iPhones screens.

Drop me a comment if anything is still broken, ok?

Hugs and kisses,
— Julie Anne

#38 – Rearranging The “House” (Link/Sidebar Updates)

I’ve added my other online points of presence here on the left sidebar! Just go to the section called “Julie Anne Elsewhere” and check out my Flickr (Where I started!), my LiveJournal (Revamping and decloaking some entries there currently), my Facebook, and Twitter. Yes, I know, I’m all over the place.

I’ve also revamped the links for “Other Girls Online” (other T-girl blogs), and I’m checking out other blogs of interest. It’s wonderful to know I’m not alone in my journey! ^_^

I’ve rearranged the search box, moving it to the upper right sidebar, and made everything a bit more consistent. I’ve swapped some other stuff to the lower left sidebar.

Finally, all links in the left sidebar will open a new browser tab or window. If they don’t work for you, or if you have pop-ups blocked, try “View in new tab/window” or similar options your browser supports.

To Do: Hard-coding the page width so it doesn’t squeeze the center section on mobile phone/smartphone browsers. I’d love to hear from folks who use iPhones, Blackberries, or Android phones, even basic phones with wireless web capability, to see how it works. (I’ll be upgrading my own phone to an Android-capable one in about three weeks.)

Thanks for your patience, and for your continued support! I hope I’m able to provide a tidy, yet interesting place for you to visit!

Hugs and kisses, as always…
— Julie Anne ^_-;

#8 – A Quick Thought: Working Title Of This Site?

For lack of a better name, and in relation to this “fantastic voyage” that is my life, I’ve christened this site “Who Is Julie Anne?” for the time being.

However, as I go on, or for those who talk with me on a regular basis on Flickr or elsewhere, I wonder if there’s a more appropriate name for this site/blog, either with or without my name attached to the title?

Just a quick thought while I run off and take care of some things, and of course, get back to my big post prior to this.

Ta-ta for now, my darlings! ^_^

#5 – After A Brief Intermission…

…I’ve returned to do some gradual updates here, since I’ve got a lot to talk about.

For now, I’ve done a minor update to the machinery behind the scenes here, and took care of an issue that may have caused issues with posts not displaying properly when clicking the “Click here to read…” link. That’s been taken care of. Sorry if it drove you up the wall. ^_^;

— Julie Anne ^_-;

#4 – Links Going Up, and… “The Story…”

A few for now, more to come soon. I’m concentrating on sites I’ve visited and like, as well as products I use, and eventually, places I’ve been to.

Friends? Yes, if it’s cool with them.

Links to other places I’m on beside here? Does a cat nap during the day? You bet there’s going to be links to my points of presence on LiveJournal, Facebook, Twitter, my original Flickr gallery. (Don’t worry, there will most likely be a few hand-picked photos of me on here as well, just as long as I’m satisfied with them, and that I’m looking my best in them.)

I’ve also posted my back story, since I’ve more or less posted it on Flickr, and I should at least de-cloak some of my posts on my LiveJournal, since I started up this site.

Continue reading #4 – Links Going Up, and… “The Story…”

#3 – Soft Grand Opening – Still Fine-Tuning Things Around Here…

Hmm? Oh, my… Hello there! You’ve found me, and my “house” is a mess! ^_^; (But then again, so is my bedroom where I’m putting all this together, so what else is new?)

Stay tuned, I’m customizing this theme, and have plans to put some actual content here very soon! Feel free to take a look around. If I get a moment, I’ll be glad to serve you some peanut butter cookies and fresh-squeezed lemonade, made with love with lemons from the tree in my backyard!

Enjoy! xoxo…
— Julie Anne

#2 – To Do List (As of the wee hours of June 24, 2010)

  • Secure a domain name to point here, and park it on the Network R3 server…
  • Start putting up actual content, divided by categories
  • Put up links to my points of presence on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, ???
  • Put up links of interest to me and others (Fast tracking links to Michelle Phan’s YouTube makeup tutorials – Yes, even TG folks can stand to pick up some pointers… ^_^; )

Too tired, staying up way too late to accomplish my hopes, my dreams, my nice shiny new home here…

Disclaimer and Advisory:

This web site deals with some issues which may be considered sensitive and/or controversial to most viewers out there, including crossdressing and gender identity/transgender issues. If you are easily offended by such topics, or don’t feel up to viewing this site with an open mind, you may wish to do your web browsing elsewhere.

Of course, there’s a lot more to offer here, so don’t be afraid to check the site out! I’m just like most of you out there, just a bit more in touch with a side of me I kept locked away for a very long time. I won’t bite… hard. ^_-;

Thanks for your understanding and open-mindedness, and enjoy!
— Julie Anne