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#87 – “Wow, I Thought You Abandoned This Site…” ^_^;

For lack of a better title – I’ve been quiet on here for just over two months, yet, I’ve been doing lots of activity during that time – Social outings with the River City Gems up in Sacramento, CA, things with other friends, going to school, looking for work, and starting up a program on Rainbow Mix Radio. (Or, more accurately, my “twin brother” has. ^_^; )

Granted, I haven’t had a shortage of anything to say, I just haven’t collected my thoughts, and set aside time to get it written. I’ll spend the next few days and weeks making up for that. Hopefully I’ll remember the more interesting things over the last eight weeks or so.

Stay tuned, space travellers! ^_-;

#82 – Pardon The Rubble…

Yes, the site looks different – The short story is this: I tried upgrading the theme I used, and it broke. It broke so bad that the entire site wouldn’t display at all until I switched to a backup theme. (I proceed to reinstall a previous version, still 1-2 steps up from what I was using, and basically had to re-tweak everything – sidebar widgets, color, placement of elements, etc.)

I’m happy with how it looks now – I hope it doesn’t seem too busy, or harsh on your eyes. Let me know what you think. (Oh! Apparently I got reCaptcha integration to work, finally. Google Friend Connect is off for now.)

Enjoy! Expect more outings and adventures coming up within the next few days!

#80 – Now That I Know I Have An Audience…

… No matter how small it is (for now), I’d better write something here a few times a week, no matter how brief it may be. Pictures, perhaps? I do have new pictures over on my Flickr! Adventures from going out, or taking even more steps towards going out on my own as Julie Anne mainstream? (Still in the works for 2011!)

Expect more of what I’ve done here, hopefully a bit more focused. For now, I’ll be updating from the road for the next few days, but always working towards my eventual goal – Either being a part time girl out in the mainstream, or perhaps going full-time, either non-op, or pre-op towards full transition.

There is no deadline. The goal is a moving, variable target. What matters most is that I’m on the journey, even it it doesn’t seem like I’m making much progress.

Hugs and kisses! ^_^

(P.S.: Hi, Kara and Kris! ^_^; )

#74 – ‘Tis The Season For Renovating The Blog Site…

Mostly under the hood updates. In this session:

  • Adding in Google Friend Connect. (Let me know if it’s working or broken – It took me about three hours to figure out how to get the widget to display. ^_^; )
  • Fixing the subdomain issue that was broken more or less since the beginning of the site in June 2010. Instead of displaying, it would display – Apparently, it’s due to how WordPress works. I can either set it to resolve as I wish it to, and just do all my admin from the dashboard log in, or set it back as a work around to edit in the actual site view. It’s a minor inconvenience, kind of like a food scrap in between my teeth.
  • Scrapping reCaptcha, since it’s broken with the theme I’m using. At least there’s Akismet, and I resume my duties as human spam screener. All comment spam gets sent to /dev/null, as always.
  • Sexy Bookmarks broke slightly with the latest update to it. I’ve switched to the beta style for it. I’ll switch back if I can, or if it breaks again. I’m sure I’m not the only one being surprised. ^_^;
  • Catching up with photo updates, and events since October, as well as anything else on my mind, like the holidays, and figuring out where I’m headed in 2011 and beyond.

I’m expecting a few days of quiet and sanity between now and New Years’, so I’ll pick up where I left off. New events commence after the 1st – Let’s see what Year Two brings! Stay Tuned!

(P.S.: Yeah, I moved the PINKessence badge – Now it shows up at the top of every center column. Be warned, if you’re running on a screen with a resolution of less than 1024 pixels across, the layout will break somewhat. ^_^; The compromises we make for the sake of building out the site… This is part of what I’ve done for about the past 15 years…. 15 years, starting out from crafting all the HTML by hand. Wow… That IS a long time, isn’t it? Don’t hassle me about my age, ok?)

#69 – Happy Halloween! (Today Is Catch-up Day!)

It’s been a somewhat eventful month for me, and in between watching Game 4 of the World Series, and handing out treats to visiting kids, I’ll be getting some long-promised posts out of the way here.

I’ll space out the post releases so you don’t get too overwhelmed. I can’t promise anything right now, but I’ll strive for more consistent releases from now onward.

Oh, yeah… November is NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month! I definitely have a story in me. I’ll link to my LiveJournal, and put sections of my work-in-progress up here.

Enjoy the day, and keep checking back here!

#54 – “The Hero’s Journey” – My Progress

Roadmap as represented by the steps from Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey – Referenced here and here.

Currently I Am At:

A. Departure – 4. The Crossing Of The First Threshold

“This is the point where the person actually crosses into the field of adventure, leaving the known limits of his or her world and venturing into an unknown and dangerous realm where the rules and limits are not known.”

I was previously at:

A. Departure – 3. Supernatural Aid
“Once the hero has committed to the quest, consciously or unconsciously, his or her guide and magical helper appears, or becomes known.”

Check back often to see where I’m at.
(Updated as of October 4, 2010 at 4:52 PM PDT – GMT -08:00)

#53 – Did You Read My Story? (If not, read this post.)

I’ve posted it here on that tab up at the top of my page, and even in a post in a private group I moderate on Flickr.

Today, at around 1:30 AM my time, after talking to a new friend elsewhere online. That moment has come…

“Julie… You are home.” (or more appropriately, “welcome honey xoxo” ^_^; )

I’ve had tears in my eyes, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I know there’s a lot of people I need to talk to – old friends, new friends, those who may not know, those who may know but don’t ask, and most of all, my family.

More importantly, I have to admit it to myself, and learn to love and accept myself for who I am. I’m not a freak, I’m not alone, I have a gift that some others don’t have.

I am transgendered.

The journey has started, it will continue, no matter how long it takes, no matter how hard the road may be. Eventually, I will reach my goal. I hope the people that matter the most to me will be there with me, on the way, or near the journey’s end.

Consider the last month and a half of entries to be the “prologue” of sorts, to the greater story that is my life.

#50 – Link Added, And Spam Blocking…

I’ve added Gabriella Hermosa’s excellent blog, My CD Life, to the sidebar and Links page here. She’s been at this longer than I have, of course, and it’s always nice to have several role models. From what I’ve read at her page, she’s come to terms with who she is, and she’s “exploring the social taboos of being oneself.” She’s attended high school reunions en femme, and she hasn’t been afraid to file complaints when representatives at a mall kiosk for a major wireless company made some very disparaging remarks about her.

But, most importantly, she’s struggled, suffered shame, and dealt with self-hatred, but she’s come through it all, and accepts who she is, chronicling her experiences, adding a bit of humor, and offering advice to those who are dealing with similar issues, or significant others of crossdressers. Check her site out if you have the chance!

You may notice number in the lower left sidebar, tallying up the number of spam comments trapped. My thanks goes out to Akismet, another fine product by the minds that brought you WordPress. ^_^; To date, I’ve logged 84, and I’ve had one legitimate comment so far. (Thank you, Charlotte/karmatic1110 ^_^;) – In time, as soon as word spread, or people notice my little plinking around here, I’m sure the signal-to-noise ratio will greatly improve, but for now, what gets trapped gets checked by “human” spam filtering, and let me tell you, some of these spammers play mind games, some leave comments seemingly relevant, and some outright insult you for deleting comments, while others point out “issues” your site may have with browsers, images, etc, all in the guise of seeming “legitimate.”

I’ve been a long time spam battler, and I’ve learned my lessons after a decade and a half online. The individual who runs my server shares my feelings on why spam is bad. We’re a good team, working together to keep this site uncluttered – In fact, we work so well together, it’s almost like we’re one and the same person. ^_-;

Thanks for reading, and as always – Hugs and kisses! ^_^
— Julie Anne

#46 – Prelude To An Experiment…

At this moment, I’m sitting at my computer, sporting cute burgundy-painted toenails (I really need a decent pedicure! ^_^;), and wearing some rather comfy pink pajamas, jumping between putting this entry up, and trying out a game.

This is the beginning of about seven days of where I’m going to see how many of my waking hours (And sleeping hours) I can spend as myself, in full-on Julie Anne persona. I am intending to spend as much of my time as Julie Anne, only going back to boy-mode when absolutely necessary.

I’ll chronicle my progress, and hopefully get some pictures up throughout the week. I have the entire house to myself, and I’m going to see how I feel. I’m going to relax, and let the woman within me come forth and take charge for a while.

Stay tuned! (And of course, hugs and kisses! ^_-;)
— Julie Anne