#142 — Follow up to #141 and Paige’s HB2 Experience

The final update regarding what happened a few days ago in North Carolina. Again, this is regarding Paige, not myself. Looks like, at this time, it comes down to her word against the law enforcement officer.

It’s regrettable that this happened in the first place, and this may just be the beginning, until Governor McCrory comes to his senses, sees the writing on the wall, and considers repealing NC House Bill 2. Things have to change, but not necessarily with undue publicity and loss of privacy for those who were/are affected.

Things have to get better. We have a right to exist. Good luck, Paige – Don’t let this get you down. *Hug*

Transcript after the break. We now return to your regular Toast and JAM. (Breakfast… mmmm… )

Final Update & Statement – April 9 @ 10:15pm

After spending today and yesterday retracing my steps, talking to four different law enforcement agencies, and looking at a large number of photos of sheriff’s cars in NC – I’m almost sure I’ve identified where the officer was from.

However, it was reported to me that no camera evidence was seen, even when I pumped gas, despite having credit card statements showing the approximate time I was there.  My guess is that the video was either erased or someone didn’t watch closely enough.  And even if I call up the county where I believe the car was from, I highly doubt they would own up to this abuse of power.

So, that leaves me with virtually no evidence.  It’s my word against theirs.  While I stand behind my story 100%, I also don’t think that it’s worth the risk of retaliation or loss of privacy to keep going.  It happened and I have to move on without justice, something that I’m unfortunately used to.  I’m physically and mentally exhausted from all of this and I need to rest now.

Thank you all once again for the messages of support.  I’m sorry that I’m letting everyone down.  But I’ll continue to give talks and presentations about my experiences, stand with my trans brothers and sisters anyway I can, and help fight this injustice that is HB2.  I also need to focus on either getting my company funded or get back into my actual career of software engineering – both seem to be uphill battles right now – so I can support my children and myself.  Feel free to friend or follow me on Facebook – http://fb.com/paigejulianne14.  I’m pretty transparent (in so many ways) and open to questions, conversation, and new friends.

Okay, going to go have a cry, drink some Rumchata, and mix up some more vape juice.  Maybe watch a movie.  Or look for a girlfriend.  Who knows what trouble I’ll get into.

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