#140 – Irony, as in “Gimme an ‘R!’ Gimme an ‘O!’…

…And a “C” and a “K”, and of course, a “Y”

“What’s that spell?” (“ROCKY!”)
“I can’t hear you!” (“ROCKY!!”)
“One more time!!” (“ROCKY!!!”) (and some funster in the audience yelling out “ADRIAN!!!” – Probably me, or another manifestation of me.)

(Note: This post was updated on October 12, 2016. Broadway Bound and Gagged has had its final curtain call, and a new cast has risen like a Phoenix – pardon the pun – from the ashes.  The Floor Show Of Phoenix is the new Rocky Horror cast, continuing a decades long tradition of Absolute Pleasure in the Grand Canyon State.)

Rocky, being not the meat packing plant employee/collection enforcer who fought his way from the streets to being one of the greatest fictional boxers the world has know, but a somewhat taller, slimmer, not too bright guy who happened to be brought to life by a crazed extraterrestrial scientist… I’m talking about “The ONE! The ONLY! The ORIGINAL—” Richard O’Brien’s greatest gift to cult film fans the world over… The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

You Might Want To Know: (Don’t call it a “trigger warning,” I’ve come to hate that disclaimer… ) This post will contain links and references to adult language and mature situations, and if you’re easily offended, or if you just don’t get it, kindly forget this post is here, ok? Meow. =^_^=

Irony, in this case, being that I’m a transgender girl, joining in with the madness of a cult classic film favorite, that just happens to depict two young adults getting lost in the woods, and the events that transpire in a nearby castle, inhabited by residents who come from the planet Transsexual. (In the galaxy of Transylvania, in a little shack, “down by the river!” – Just kidding.)

The truth is, I’ve been a fan even before I started coming to terms with myself. It was a way to spend a few Saturdays, either throughout Northern California through the 1990s, or rediscovering that there’s at least one theatre here (which happens to be minutes away from my home!) that still runs stuff like this. (Yes, it’s still showing somewhere in the world, the age of megaplex theatres, and home video releases not taking away from the need to see it in theatre with other people, letting off some steam, throwing rice, toast, toilet paper, and yelling until you have almost no voice left.

I found the showings in Phoenix by accident, seeing some people in rather familiar costumes during one of my trips to the AMC 17 30 (Sorry, it’s kind of a in-joke, seeing that 13 screens on the eastern end of the place have been walled off for at least a couple years. I hear rumors that they’re going to try the dinner and a movie thing like they have near the Biltmore area at the Esplanade, but I doubt that’s going to happen, since there’s some vacancies along the strip mall that accompanies where the theatre is at here. Sorry, I’m rambling… meow.) – So, I did some web surfing, found out when a showing was going to be, and started attending.

Somewhere along the way, I figured… well, what the fuck. Go as me. Go there as Julie Anne. The Short Version: I did just that. I started doing that sometime in the middle of last year, and have kept it up, with a few interruptions here and there, ever since.

Over time, maybe it was because people told me they noticed and like my callbacks. (I do what I know, and what I’ve been able to have fun with, basing mainly off the classic Audience Participation Album, and the audience participation audio track from the 25th anniversary DVD release. (And a few lines I’ve picked up, like the “His name is Robert Paulson” line from Fight Club when the mystery of what’s for dinner was revealed… Still trying to see if anyone gets the references to Dance Dance Revolution’s original announcer when Columbia’s doing her dance number to The Time Warp – “Oh, NO! Combos STOPPED!”)

Digression/Side Trip: The original DDR announcer does have a name – Thomas Howard Lichtenstein, (credited on some songs throughout DDR’s soundtrack history as Thomas Howard) – Sadly you don’t hear him much anymore, and you really don’t see many DDR machines anymore, since most of them since the DDR X series have been crap (outsourcing the remaining arcade dance machine manufacturing to a company here in the USA, with the dance pads nowhere near as properly functioning as the original machines.) – They brought an import DDR Extreme machine to the theater, and I’ve seen one of the Broadway Bound and Gagged cast members in action on it – he’s a damn good DDR player, and I know I totally suck at the game…  I’ll embarass myself with a video of me playing on a home console maybe later.

Somewhere along the first half of the year, I started following the local shadow cast group (The Floor Show Of Phoenix – check them out online for the latest info here, and follow them on Facebook. Come to the show, bring your friends, it’s about $8, it’s twice a month, on the second and last Saturdays of the month, and it’s always fun to come again [and again and again]… and stay…. [Well, that’s enough for now. Mew.]) and gradually became friends with some of the cast members. (I guess it also helps that I was one of the audience goers that would join in for the after-show late night munchies at Denny’s off of the I-17 and Bell.) – And they’re cool with me being, well… me. ^_______^

Will I join cast? Who knows? Who would I perform as? As me, most likely Magenta (or, if I have to give in and go for boy-mode, maybe Eddie… I think they’ve got enough Eddies for now, even a chibi-Eddie. ^_^; )

Anyway – If you’re in Phoenix, and seeing this, come on down – See the show, have a blast. Say hi if you recognize me! (Sporting my own hair, grown out, the wig is always on standby, of course. More on that later. ^_-; )

(Note: Next shows are two over Halloween weekend – Saturday, October 29, 2016, and Monday, October 31, 2016 – Show schedule and venue subject to change after October 2016 – Check the cast website and Facebook group for the latest information!)

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  1. Oh, yeah! Help support a good local cast – they’re one of the few that are performing in a branch of a national theatre chain – Buy a prop bag! (It’s only $5!), buy some of the other cool stuff, buy some collectible trading cards of the cast members! Buy Moxie’s cupcakes when they’re available! (I need to try some once again!)

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