#139 – Neither Abandoned Nor Retired

Has it really been over a year since I last made a post here. Indeed, it has… A year, and four days, to be exact.

There’s been some minor changes around here. (Disabling some behind-the-scenes stuff to harden the security of this site, and nail shut any potential vulnerabilities, and purging anything that looks out of place. I wasn’t born yesterday when it comes to web site administration duties.

The major change is… almost one year ago, I lost someone very important to me — My mother.

Linda, who did catch me quite a few times growing up, and whom knew something was up, though I never had the chance to officially come out to her, in a way, I did, by way of my sister. It’s kind of ironic that what is now my bedroom was hers in the house where I’m living out the rest of my life for now. I’d like to think she’s visiting me in my dreams, and is happy that I’m getting out more, and continuing on with my life, though I’ll miss her for the rest of my life.

It’s an empty house without her. I’m glad I have my cat, Lola, here, to keep me somewhat grounded, and my sister and her husband, both of them knowing about me, of course. Perhaps one day I’ll let their son know… He’s still quite young, he is the high point of my life, but I like to think he knows something, even if he doesn’t realize it. He smiles at me a lot. He even shares my mother’s birthday. Yes, he knows about his “noni,” and why she’s no longer here, though they had a handful of years together. One couldn’t ask for a better grandmother.

So, life goes on, and I’m still here. I’ll add new content, though I can’t guarantee how often, or how soon, but I’m committed to this site, regardless.

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