#137 – Best of Facebook: 3

Closing out the first month (June 2010), and moving forward…

July 13, 2010:
Watched another one of Michelle Phan’s latest makeup videos – It’s amazing how effortless, yet effective, she makes it look. (sigh…)

(Oh, yeah – I still follow Michelle Phan – there’s a lot of useful information from her videos. Now, if only I had the budget for makeup, and the skills to get my face together in less than 30 minutes. 😛 )

July 14, 2010:
You know you’ve watched “Young Frankenstein” too many times when you can recite lines of dialog along with the cast.

August 23, 2010:
You know what I miss? Those coin-op Biorhythm machines with the funk 70’s futuristic artwork, and the graph that would print out on a card when you input your birthdate and day you wanted readings for. I also miss the Starscroll horoscope magazines. I remember when they had coin-op vending machines and they were about 50 cents for one. (They’re more than that now if you can find them.)

(and another on the same day – Wow, I’m on a roll!)

Feeling a little down in the dumps – I was made aware by a friend of mine on Flickr of the passing of someone in the community they had kept in touch with via email. She was also one of the early members of URNA as well. It’s funny – I never knew her, yet it saddens me to know she’s gone.

Where will my journey take me? What kind of legacy will I leave behind? How will people remember me?

More later, in convenient 160-170 word bites!

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