#136 – Best of Facebook: 2

Continuing the Facebook Flashback… Not much for the first month or so… Take my word for it.

June 4, 2010:
Now that I have a Facebook and and an LJ to go with my Flickr, do I further corrupt myself and start up a Twitter account?

(Actually, I did… Facebook, Flickr, a rather neglected LiveJournal, Google+, Twitter, and Tumblr… I need a real life…)

The friend suggestions from my other Facebook account started out near the beginning, after friending my boy-mode self, of course.

June 9, 2010:
I have a few friend suggestions, not all of them know about me – I wonder if I should bring them over and add them? Don’t worry, I’m just thinking out loud.

Boredom apparently set in within a week and a half.

June 15, 2010:
Oh, wow, I still have this Facebook? Cool! Hello, my small following of friends! ^_^;

Nearly three weeks in, I was thinking about outing myself online in a big way, while working on building up this web site.

June 23, 2010:
Work on the new website is coming along – Mainly theme customizing, and figuring out what content to put up there. Should I tell everyone here my big secret?

Stay tuned for the next update! July 2010 will be here before we know it. ^_-;

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