#135 – Best Of Facebook: 1

I opened my Facebook account on June 3, 2010. I’m going to be posting semi-regularly scheduled post updates to fill in the gaps between now and then, since Facebook is my main home, and I’ve been neglecting my home here.

The First Note – “So, Why Am I Doing This?”

So, Why Am I Doing This?

I guess I want to be found. I want to be found by those who know about me, those who I’ve talked to, those I feel I can trust. I brought myself into existence, and I cannot be “unmade”.

I have a feeling the right people will find me sooner or later. All I can do is wait, and keep making the rounds, and maintain a growing online presence.

And, so it started. The first few posts were mainly status updates, until I “found my voice,” so to speak. (It was right where I was all the time – the last place I’d think of looking — Imagine that? ^_^; )

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