#133 – Fine Tuning, Tuning Out (She posted twice in one day!)

Fine tuning: Behind the scenes tweaks under the hood, so far, all is working, and hopefully will continue working. Security updates, more cool stuff.  (But where is the content, oh, birthday girl?)

The short version: I came out to my younger sister a few months back, and she is accepting and supportive. My two closest friends here in Phoenix pretty much called it. ^_^;
(She gave me one of her Coach purses, and I have a Sephora gift card waiting for me. *beamles*)

Tuning out: Another blog on the sidebar is gone: Jessica-Who.com winked out a few months back. I won’t ask questions, or wonder, but I remember she posted something a while back about when transgender and crossdresser blogs close down, and various reasons why. Now, she’s one of the many who have vanished.

Today’s Vocabulary And Mini-History Lesson: The word is “Hohokam.”  It is a Akimel O’odham or Pima word meaning, “Those who have vanished.” The Hohokam people were present in Arizona from around 2000 BC up through 1450 AD, after which they vanished, with almost no clues to why they had done so. Perhaps it was due to flooding, lack of irrigation that made the land salty (There is the Salt River, and tribal land east of Phoenix proper), or possibly disease, war, or other reasons.

In any case, when someone disappears, purges, signs off, goes stealth, it doesn’t mean someone doesn’t miss them. I miss someone who more or less dropped off the face of the net in late 2012/early 2013, and their disappearance has left a hole in my heart. They were an important friend to me, because, without them, I wouldn’t be here right now.

In fact, I’m not going anywhere any time soon. Remember – I’m. Still. Here.

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