#103 – After San Francisco Pride 2011 (July)

(What Happened To 102?) – There are no fractional posts – This is the 103rd, and posts are not necessarily numbered. The site is not dead, in fact, I’ve picked up a blog follower – Large Blooming Flower – Expect to be added!

Anyway. July 2011: Posting the photos and blogs from San Francisco Pride (Still one of my best times out I’ve had in like…. forever.) – Discovering the joys of staying connected on the go, whether at Starbucks, or my local mall, off the wi-fi on my netbook, and on my Android phone. I saw Super 8 at the theatre, and enjoyed it! I also saw the best fireworks show for free. (From the skies over my own driveway – though they were illegal, as noted by the appearance of helicopters criss-crossing the skies over my neighborhood.) – I also continued feeding my Criminal Minds habit (For those who know me well enough, or follow my Facebook posts, Penelope Garcia is my hero, and my role model. ^_^; Did I mention I own the first five seasons on DVD? )

I also hopped aboard the Google+ train (Here I am!) and I accomplished my goal of locating Patrick McCabe’s “Breakfast on Pluto” book (At my local library, the last place I though of looking. ^_^; ) and read it – 200+ pages in about 3 hours – Different from the film, but at least I was able to read it. ^_^; I also waffled back and forth with getting back in touch with someone on Facebook, who I used to follow on Flickr. (I’ve since reestablished connections with them about a month and a half ago. It’s good so far. ^_^ )

The most significant, and fun-filled event, had to be, hands down, the Luau party with the River City Gems near the end of July – My first time out among others in a one-piece swimsuit, and I had such a good time, I was riding a high that I’m still enjoying to this day, though the Summer weather is still with us, even a month or so into Fall here. (I’ll add the handful of pics, and embellish this event in a bit more detail in another update.)

July closed out with a trip to the county fair. (Funny, I never really attend the State Fair anymore. By the time I ever do, it may be elsewhere – More on that eventually.) – As August approaches, so did a METRIC TON of birthday wishes – Oh, my… Tears to my eyes, and I was just in awe of how many people I’ve come into contact with over the past year, both face-to-face, and online.

Next Update: August 2011 – Don’t miss it, darlings! ^_^

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