#89 – Let’s Go Back In Time… (The “Dark Ages” – 1994/1995…)

And I’m on the “real” internet for the first time. (Not Prodigy’s WWW-proxy version of it, not America Online, not even Delphi’s text-based representation – Yes, I was on Delphi, CompuServe, AOL, Prodigy, even GEnie – You name the serve, I was on it, but that’s another story that’s not even appropriate for here – This is about the proto-genesis of Julie Anne Morgan, ok? ^_-;) – I was on Netcom (which became Mindspring, then Earthlink.) – Netcom, which was headquartered in San Jose, CA in the mid 1990s.

You get curious, you wander, and you find out things – It was at this time I found the first few sites out there, including Melanie Anne Phillips’ initial chronicles of her journey, and her voice lessons. (Her voice blew me away when I heard it.) – I also found the TG newsgroups on Usenet. That was an experience that more or less drove me back into hiding – The old familiar “Trannier-than-thou” attitude was quite prevalent on there. I wasn’t one for hanging out, debating on newsgroups, forums, or bulletin boards, debating or nitpicking over little things, needing to prove I was right, and they were wrong, or finding it necessary to have the last word. I’m not like that today, either. I knew my limits, and I didn’t want to ever have to deal with having my ass handed to me, or getting flamed. That’s also why I don’t participate on forums much to this day, even in PINKessence. (One of my friends on there has left PE recently, because of some unfortunate squabbles there. I miss her. ;_; )

Anyway… I’d be happy when I’d find a site with a t-girl sharing some of her world and pictures with the rest of the internet. One such girl was named Yolanda, who called herself a “tranny goth witch” – She knew most of the terminology, gave concise, informed definitions, came to recognize herself as being bi-gendered. (Wanting to be a boy and a girl, but not at the same time. ^_^; ) – She wasn’t afraid to have a bit of fun, though, and worked at putting together a simple web-comic, liked her anime, and put a lot of work into graphics and design for her website. (Back when klunky navigation and over-blown 3D-rendered graphics were the hallmark of the late 20th-century “cutting-edge” web site design.)

Last I heard about her, she was finishing up college degree studies, set up a mini-site for her boy-mode side, and her own coven. I believe I saw her out and about a few times at a few anime conventions up in the Bay Area in Northern California. She lived up to her goth image, or at least she looked good wearing a lot of black outfits.

She’s all but gone from the net after about 15 years, and it’s been about 7 or so years since I’ve seen anyone resembling her. I think I’ve subconsciously took after her in terms of appearance, however. Maybe it’s a good thing, or I’m making the most of what I have to work with. I wish I were a bit slimmer, but I guess I’ll have to work on that.

Perhaps she’s come to terms with herself, and she’s transitioned, and gone into deep stealth. Wherever you are, Yolanda, I hope you’re doing well. Perhaps you’ll see this, and drop us a line to let us know how things are going? Thank you for helping to light up the darkness, and be a small part of the early history of transgender individuals out on the net at the turn of the century.

Love and hugs,
— Julie Anne Morgan ^_^

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