#86 – Interlude: Taking That Leap of Faith (Though I Fight My Own Doubts)

Here’s something to break a pattern: This is an entry that’s decidedly not about new pictures, or about my progress on my journey, for that matter.

I am driven to move forward; To prepare myself for being out on my own, to be able to fend for myself, to find someone to (hopefully) spend the rest of my life with, to be able to actually feel that I’m living, and not just taking up space, and accumulating stuff that won’t be of use to me when I’m gone from this world.

The Big Question: How to get from point A to point Z, and, of course, all the steps in between.

Sometimes, there are things you just have to do, they may not make sense to others, but you have to do them regardless.

Sometimes, you just have to take that leap of faith.

I have had to do just that, on several occasions, over the past year and a half. Sure, I’m scared, and I worry about the consequences, or if I can actually see whatever I want to do all the way to its conclusion, but I know I have to sometimes, just say, Fuck It,” and just jump in.

And so, I do, and I seem to survive, to take on the next challenge, or the next stage of the journey.

Get ready for some more adventures in the next few days…

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